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Pre-Register Now! Time is running out!
6/21/2007 3:46:25 PM

Dear friends and fellow Adlanders

There are now only 23 days left to pre-register for Project e-Play!

After 2 years in devlopment, eVolution is about to be unleashed. Pre-Launch begins on July 15th, but NOW is the time to get involved.

For this short period of time, you can pre-Register at absolutely FREE and get inside knowledge of this new concept.

e-Play combines THE TWO fastest growing sectors on the internet: Skill Gaming and Social Networking. Already 1000's of people have registered and have done so for FREE!

It was W.C.Fields who once said "All I ask is for an unfair advantage."

Well, some would say that is exactly what you have been given; we say you have The First Mover Advantage - you are seeing this information before anyone else on the planet!

It costs nothing to take a look - so Register now!


Kindest Regards




Why work for a living when you can PLAY?
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