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6/20/2007 4:17:11 AM

Hi everyone,

It's great to see all the activity surrounding 'project e-play' also known fondly as eVo. If there's anyone who hasn't pre-registered yet - then please do it now - - there's no cost.

And if by any chance you still don't know what's happening, here's a little info:

It's a unique entertainments, and social networking platform that will far surpass the features of sites such as YouTube, MySpace, and will have so much more - and of course also pay you for using it!  It will be a World first!

It has been over 2 years in development, with corporate teams working across four continents. VWD are about to deliver a business that has already grabbed the attention of networking leaders worldwide (Don Failla has just joined too!) and been given 10/10 for the incredible unique marketing plan.
Guess what! I have a sneak preview of part of the pay plan!
There are 8 unique jewels - never seen before - making networking history.
If you would like to see why 'Project e-play' is predicted to be the next big business wave, please visit and pre-register at no cost, and you can see the short movie and download the Insiders Report. It combines social networking, family fun and entertainment, casual games plus so very much more.
We now have the viral pre-enrollment squeeze pages that you can simply whiz around the world to sign up members (at no cost) ready for the autumn launch. - so grab yours now.
Here's a sneak preview of just one of the 'jewels' - a £100GBP (US$190) Fast Start Bonus, that is INSTANTLY PAID into a new affiliates account just for becoming active! No more waiting a month for income, plus being able to make money on the very first day!!
Here's another: Have you heard of 100% matching royalty bonuses?? I hadn't.
I have all the details here; just message and ask me and I'll share them with you.
We are still in phase 1 and this is what will happen:
Pre-register in the next 26 days and receive your free Evo guest page that you can whiz around now and use to pre-register other interested parties.

Phase 2 starts on July 15th with prelaunch of the live site. If you can get to Cheltenham UK, buy a ticket and be there - a once in a lifetime event. Everything will be completely free for the next 90 days. This will allow everyone to test the site, play the games, interact with others in real time, and so very much more. This 90 days will see the network grow to millions+.

Phase 3 is the main worldwide launch in Autumn, when pre-registered members can choose to upgrade as a business affiliate or just stay as a player/user/visitor.
Here's my advice: There is value and wisdom in these words. 
"If you want a BIG cheque for Xmas - DON'T WAIT UNTIL AUTUMN ..... DON'T EVEN WAIT UNTIL JULY 15th ...... ACT NOW. There will be millions of pre-registees by Oct, how many of them do you want linked to you? It's your decision."
Every Thursday sees a special online get together at 7pm BST (GMT+1) at Over the next few weeks we will be explaining more about the new payplan and the unique features. You can check your local time at - it would be nice to meet you there.
Here's to our mutual success.
Kind Regards
If you'd like to call me, my skype ID is jillclose
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