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Terry Gorley

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Red Hot Mamas
6/17/2007 4:11:14 AM

Red Hat

Hello Friends,

I want to thank Rina Rina Rishilah ) for being the inspiration behind the creation of this thread.  This thread is for ladies 50 and over or anyone else who feels they have something of value to contribute (to the subject of course!)

Red Hat

When posting please use Red Hot Mama Colors and GRAPHICS only!  For those who don't know ... that's Red and Purple!


Red Hat

Middle Aged Women Going Unnoticed ... Not Likely!

Red Hot Mamas

Red Hats: Women over 50 who love to laugh and share and have fun. A sisterhood is very important at our age. One of our members, after having sat on the sidewalk right in the downtown area, told QM - "I needed that!"
Women today are under so much stress with two family members working - job stress and family stress, not to mention those who are divorced and widowed. When we find ourselves in a situation with no husband, we find ourselves an outcast and not being able to share in the same social situations as in the past.

The answer? A sisterhood of girls who just want to laugh and have fun and have plenty of time of hugs and hankies to wipe away those tears.

At our Gatherings - if it is serious - we don't do it! We have two full hours of laughter ranging from hula hooping - spitting - cheering and providing our own entertainment.
We assure you that you too will say, "thanks, I needed that!"

Dress for the Red Hat Society is: Red Hats, Purple Dresses for 50 and over. Pink Hats, Lavender Dresses for "Ladies in Waiting". Birthdays: Wear opposite (red dress/purple hat). High Tea includes gloves, shoes and purse to match your hat. Optional dress accessories include: Boas, a fan for the vapors, parasol, "tons" of jewelry.

There are no rules and we are a disorganization which we take very seriously. Our chapter does not do fund raising or any such seriousness! Quite a number of us do this at work - we're just girls who want to have fun! Our only rule is "dessert first" which we try to abide by very seriously! The Kazoo is the National Instrument!

Enjoy ...



Red Hat

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Re: Red Hot Mamas
6/17/2007 4:53:53 AM

Dear Terry!

:) You are incredible!

I am half ready for the Sisterhood. Let me think about it for a short time. Great idea!


Dimitra Bravou

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Re: Red Hot Mamas
6/17/2007 5:02:10 AM
Hi Terry,

What an idea! What have to do next? (lol)

Looking forward to see our friends posts here!


Joe Severa

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Re: Red Hot Mamas
6/17/2007 5:42:25 AM

Hey, I'm married to a sizzling Red Hat, my darling wife PATRICIA! Of course she's over 50, who has time for those Sweet Young Thangs that aren't ripe yet? ROFLMBO!

Patricia never networks online, I keep telling her that she's missing out, but alas, she just laughs!

I better sign out of here before someone thinks that I'm a Cross-Dresser impersonator.

Love you all ladies, even you younger thangs!


Joe Severa, Distr.



Joe Severa, Owner Flexera Intl Ltd. ANA/DSHEA Certified
Re: Red Hot Mamas
6/17/2007 5:51:02 AM

Hello Joe!

Happy Father`s day and thank you for this warm and funny thoughts.

Greetings to Mrs. Severa!


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