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List of TOP Social Networkinfg Sites from WikiPedia
5/29/2007 8:13:12 PM
Hi everyone!  :-)

This is a list of some Social Netwroking sites taken directly from

Here's the hard link:  --->

Now I know these aren't your typical "marketing" Networks....ones that you can be like Kathy Hamilton and "tell everyvbody and there brother" so you can make some money if they upgrade........

But I'm telling to people who are NOT there to market their own thing makes a lot more sense. 

Think about it..........Would you try to sell cubscout popcorn to the girl scout coming to your front door?  Well?  on second thought - some of you don't you even dare answer that!  :o)

Although I must issue a word of does take a different "finnesse".....but it can be very effective.

43 Things Tagging &&&&&&&&01007433.&&&&001,007,433[1] Open
Advogato Free Software and Open Source developers &&&&&&&&&&011000.&&&&0011,000[2] Open
Amina - Chechen Republic Online Chechens &&&&&&&&&&&03500.&&&&003,500+[3] Open
aSmallWorld European jet set and social elite &&&&&&&&&0150000.&&&&00150,000[4] Invite-only African-Americans &&&&&&&016000000.&&&&0016,000,000[5] Open
Bebo Schools and colleges &&&&&&&034000000.&&&&0034,000,000[6] Open
Blue Dot Link sharing &&&&&&&&&&080000.&&&&0080,000[7] Open Video sharing and webcam chat &&&&&&&026000000.&&&&0026,000,000[8] Open
Bolt General (music and video) &&&&&&&&04000000.&&&&004,000,000[9] Open
CarDomain Car enthusiasts &&&&&&&&01600000.&&&&001,600,000[10] Open
Care2 Green living and activism &&&&&&&&07151375.&&&&007,151,375[11] Open School, college, work and the military &&&&&&&040000000.&&&&0040,000,000[12] Open
Consumating "Consumeetings" &&&&&&&&&&021000.&&&&0021,000[13] Open
Couchsurfing "Couchsurfing" &&&&&&&&&0192000.&&&&00192,000[14] Open
Cyworld Young South Koreans &&&&&&&015000000.&&&&0015,000,000[15] Open
Dandelife Collective narratives or "shared biographies" &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown Open
DeadJournal "Dark" blogs, based on LiveJournal &&&&&&&&&0490310.&&&&00490,310[16] By invite or payment (OpenID) Mobile location-based service, owned by Google &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000&&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown[17] Open
DontStayIn Clubbing (primarily UK) &&&&&&&&&0235000.&&&&00235,000+[18] Open
Doostang Careers &&&&&&&&&&053000.&&&&0053,000[19] Invite-only
Ecademy Business &&&&&&&&&0100000.&&&&00100,000[20] Open
eSPIN Teen Dating &&&&&&&&03800000.&&&&003,800,000[21] Open
Facebook College/High School students and General &&&&&&&023000000.&&&&0023,000,000[22] Open
Faceparty British teens and 20-somethings &&&&&&&&05900000.&&&&005,900,000[23] Open to people 16 and older.
Flirtomatic Flirting/Dating &&&&&&&&&0265000.&&&&00265,000[24] Open to people 18 and older.
Flickr Photo sharing &&&&&&&&04000000.&&&&004,000,000[25] Open (Yahoo! login)
Fotki Photo sharing &&&&&&&&01000000.&&&&001,000,000[26] Open
Friends Reunited School, college, work, sport and streets &&&&&&&012000000.&&&&0012,000,000[27] Open
Friendster General &&&&&&&029100000.&&&&0029,100,000[28] Open
Frühstückstreff General &&&&&&&&&&011600.&&&&0011,600[29] Open
FUPEI General (Photo, Video, Music, Games, Event, and Chat Room), membership mostly from Indonesia &&&&&&&&&&053000.&&&&0053,000[30] Open
Gaia Online Anime and Games &&&&&&&&07000000.&&&&007,000,000[31] Open Families, genealogy &&&&&&&&&0100000.&&&&00100,000[32] Open
GoPets Virtual pets &&&&&&&&&0400000.&&&&00400,000[33] Open School, college, and work &&&&&&&&&0650000.&&&&00650,000[34] Open Poland &&&&&&&&&0830000.&&&&00830,000[35] Invite-only
Hi5 General &&&&&&&050000000.&&&&0050,000,000[36] Open
Hyves General Dutch social networking website. &&&&&&&&03266581.&&&&003,266,581[37] Open
imeem Instant messaging &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000&&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown[38] Open
IMVU 3D chat software &&&&&&&&01000000.&&&&001,000,000[39] Open
IRC-Galleria Finland &&&&&&&&&0400000.&&&&00400,000[40] Open
iWiW Hungary &&&&&&&&01500000.&&&&001,500,000[41] Invite only
Joga Bonito Football (soccer) &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown Open Music &&&&&&&015000000.&&&&0015,000,000[42] Open
LinkedIn Business &&&&&&&011000000.&&&&0011,000,000[43] Open
LiveJournal Blogging &&&&&&&012900000.&&&&0012,900,000[44] Open (OpenID)
LunarStorm Sweden &&&&&&&&01200000.&&&&001,200,000[45] Open
MEETin General &&&&&&&&&&072000.&&&&0072,000[46] Open General &&&&&&&&02000000.&&&&002,000,000[47] Open Latinos &&&&&&&&03600000.&&&&003,600,000[48] Open
Mixi Japan &&&&&&&&08000000.&&&&008,000,000[49] Invite-only
MOG Music &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown Open
Multiply "Real world" relationships &&&&&&&&04000000.&&&&004,000,000[50] Open
My Opera Community General (blogs, photo albums, forums, etc.) &&&&&&&&&0813122.&&&&00813,122[51] Open
MySpace General &&&&&&0176500000.&&&&00176,500,000[52] Open
myYearbook General &&&&&&&&&0950000.&&&&00950,000[53] Open
Netlog European young adults (14-24). Formerly known as Facebox. &&&&&&&018000000.&&&&0018,000,000[54] Open
Nexopia Canada &&&&&&&&01019372.&&&&001,019,372[55] Open
orkut Owned by Google &&&&&&&046423762.&&&&0046,423,762[56] Open (Google login)
Passado General &&&&&&&&04700000.&&&&004,700,000[57] Open
Piczo Teenagers, Canadians, photo sharing &&&&&&&010000000.&&&&0010,000,000[58] Open
Playahead Swedish teenagers &&&&&&&&&0530000.&&&&00530,000[59] Open
ProfileHeaven British teens &&&&&&&&&0100000.&&&&00100,000[60] Open
RateItAll Consumer ratings + social networking &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown[61] Open Locating friends and family, keeping in touch &&&&&&&028000000.&&&&0028,000,000[62] Open
Ryze Business &&&&&&&&&0250000.&&&&00250,000[63] Open
Sconex American high schools &&&&&&&&&0500000.&&&&00500,000[64] Open
Sportsvite Recreational Sports &&&&&&&&&&018000.&&&&0018,000[65] Open
Studivz University students, mostly in the German-speaking countries &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown Open
Stumbleupon Websurfing &&&&&&&&01200000.&&&&001,200,000[66] Open
TagWorld General (tagging) &&&&&&&&01850692.&&&&001,850,692[67] Open
TakingITGlobal Social action &&&&&&&&&0145000.&&&&00145,000[68] Open
The Doll Palace Cartoon dolls and dress up games &&&&&&&&02500000.&&&&002,500,000[69] Open
The Student Center Teens and colleges &&&&&&&&&0800000.&&&&00800,000[70] Open
The Zooplex General &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown Open
Threadless Custom T-shirts &&&&&&&&&0364474.&&&&00364,474 Open
Travellerspoint Travel &&&&&&&&&&090000.&&&&0090,000[71] Open General &&&&&&&&&0602876.&&&&00602,876 [72] Open
Twitter Update friends with your status through SMS, IM, web interfaces &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown[73] Open
Vampire Freaks Gothic industrial culture &&&&&&&&&0766000.&&&&00766,000[74] Open
Vox Blogging &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown Open
WAYN Travel & Lifestyle &&&&&&&&08000000.&&&&008,000,000[75] Open to people 18 and older
WebBiographies Genealogy & Biography &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000&&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown[76] Open
Windows Live Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) &&&&&&0120000000.&&&&00120,000,000[77] Open (Windows Live ID)
Xanga Blogs and "metro" areas &&&&&&&040000000.&&&&0040,000,000[78] Open
XING Business &&&&&&&&02000000.&&&&002,000,000[79] Open
Xuqa Colleges &&&&&&&&01000000.&&&&001,000,000[80] Open
Yahoo! 360° Linked to Yahoo! IDs &&&&&&&&04700000.&&&&004,700,000[81] Open to people 18 and older
(Yahoo! login)
Yelp United States adults &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown Open
Zaadz Social consciousness &&&&&&&&&&050178.&&&&0050,178[82] Open
Zooomr Universal Photo Sharing &&&&&&&&&&&&&&-1.1000000Unknown[83] Open (OpenID)

~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!

Andrew Birse

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Re: List of TOP Social Networkinfg Sites from WikiPedia
5/30/2007 1:12:17 AM
Thanks for pointing out that exhaustive list Brian.

I've recently (belatedly) discovered sites like MySpace.  I agree that it's a potential bonanza for networkers who can do it with some skilled finesse.

It does take a lot of time to make the most out of belonging to many different sites, but worth it because it's probably the only way to go.  You have to be where the market is and online, the market's at MySpace and the like.

Business communities like AdlandPro and Bizpreneur and BizzyBlogz are great too for sharing information as well marketing amongst others who are in business already.

Both types have their place, but the social networking sites have huge new potential for us all.

Regards, Andrew Birse Do you want to retire in 4 years or 40?
Joelees Wholesale

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Re: List of TOP Social Networkinfg Sites from WikiPedia
5/30/2007 12:24:06 PM

Wow Thank You for sharing, this list sure will keep me busy finding what one's I'm not already in ....Great list  :-) Lee

The Drummerboy

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Re: List of TOP Social Networkinfg Sites from WikiPedia
5/30/2007 6:03:32 PM
Hi Andrew!

You hit the nail right on the head my good friend!  To work the social networking need to be willing to put in the time.  frind invite seem to take forever....then you have spammers to deal with......and posts/bulletins to come up can be an exhaustive process. 

And you are right!  Martketing have their place....and yes - there are quite a few people who will join your biz on them.  But......I have found them better utilized for:  (as you said) sharing information.

Thanks for stopping in Andrew!

~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!


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