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Why is this so special?
5/26/2007 10:29:43 AM

The Berry Tree - Why is this so special?

Nutronix International realized that not everyone has the basic recruiting skills that are needed to create results. Nutronix wanted to create a business that leveled the playing field for everyone. So together with Horizons Marketing they created ----> The Berry Tree

The Berry Tree requires no sponsorship. Part of the $49.95 per month fee, goes towards corporate advertising. Nutronix International and Automatic Builder, powered by Horizons Marketing, takes only the fees it acquires through Guaranteed results. In other words, every cent that you spend on advertising through The Berry Tree monthly fee, only gets paid for results. That's the new way people advertise.  This is the new Network marketing revolution people!

With The Berry are GARAUNTEED at least -----> $1360/mo IN PASSIVE INCOME!

Of course, if you want to grow your Berry Tree business past the GARAUNTEED $1360/mo......then of course you will have to do some legwork. As you grow your business with The Berry Tree, you can also grow your Nutronix business at the same time. We definitely have a winning combination here!

Thanks to Nutronix International, Automatic Builder, Horizons Marketing and The Berry Tree!


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