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The Drummerboy

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Who has been YOUR inspiration?
5/22/2007 6:18:27 PM
Hi everyone!  :-)

A comment in another thread of this forum......made by my dear friend Thomas Richmond - has sprked an idea for a new thread.

~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!

Rudy Hiebert(rudyhiebert.myamsoil.c

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Re: Who has been YOUR inspiration?
5/22/2007 6:52:05 PM
That's a thought provoking question and deserves some serious time to respond. For me, on line marketing inspiration comes from:
1.) my T.H.'s coffee buddies that give me reason to hear their successes and share mine.
2.) my three adult kids and their spouses who have honored their dad, yours truly, by applying on line marketing strategies they've seen work for me and have shared with me what they've learned from others.
3.) My life partner, (wife) who is patient with me when she knows I'm trying to wind up a project and supper is on the table.         
Judy Smith

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Re: Who has been YOUR inspiration?
5/22/2007 8:46:58 PM

Hi Brian,

This would require a longer post that time allows me right now, though I had to respond.  It's an awesome thread.

I am inspired daily by everyone here at Adland and look forward every day to hearing from close friends, to having a bit of fun in a forum or two and to learning.  I am inspired and encouraged by so many that to mention one would just spark a long tyrade.  I am involved in several communities and this is by far my favorite. 

Now the nitty gritty of the question:  Online Marketing.  I am starting to consider myself a bit dense in that department.  I am learning, but slowly - one step at a time.  So, as I get the tidbits I get through osmosis,  I enjoy my friends and learning one step at a time to market my website and little businesses I am involved in. 

I am looking forward to the posts to follow!!  I might learn something new or meet a new friend who will share a new tidbit with me!!

Great forum - I'll be back.



Kathy Hamilton

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Re: Who has been YOUR inspiration?
5/22/2007 9:02:35 PM
Hello Brian,
Among many like yourself you have inspired me to be very careful in how I market. Thank you,My perception of you is  wow, Brian has Integrity that is Almost flawless.I would take his word before most.
Also there is Bogdan Fideur he is also a person who inspired me from day 1.
John Sanchez for his amazing Mind,his creativity is endless, theres Joe Downing, Thomas Richmond. Aaron Martirano.. vinny  There is Randy Beal and also Dave Cottrell.Most of all Dennis Clairmont and Georgios, and Randy Beal. They have influenced my daily life they have inspired my every move,every thought.There are many  who have had an impact on my life, there is Petar Novikovic who has changed my life Drastically, There is my family who has influenced my life.
Thanks to all my friends.

Kathy Hamilton/

I walk by faith not by sight Profit Clicking
Jill Bachman

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Re: Who has been YOUR inspiration?
5/22/2007 10:01:04 PM
Hi Brian,

Well, I would HUMBLY have to say...........

It was the wife of a web designer who I worked with in my first network marketing company.

I was terrified of the Internet, but I did have the vision and was very curious.  I was talking a good story, but it ended there.

So, after she continued over several months to FAX me the emails she was receiving everyday and make me look like the total dumbo I was, I finally succumbed to the inevitable!  LOL

Once that was done, we worked together with the help of her husband and really got the marketing education of a lifetime and we had a lot of FUN!

Now I am addicted....what more can I say?

Hugs, Jill

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