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Now Over 6,000 Members! WOW!
5/21/2007 8:06:37 PM

The Berry Tree Now Over 6,000 Members! WOW!

That is 25% growth in just under one month, based only on members' individual efforts, not including any company advertising to date.  Congratulations to all the members who are growing their trees and building a lifestyle-changing income!
For everyone who is looking forward to growing their Passive Income without having to sponsor anyone or sell anything -- sit tight!  The next few months will be filled with the kind of excitement you
don't want to miss! Or should we say . . . you can't afford to miss!

Your membership includes:

Corporate managed advertising
to bring in new members and customers. We buy in bulk and work with some of the top ad agencies in the world to get more of every dollar we spend.

4 websites – 1 personal recruiting website, 1 product site and 2 support and training sites.

O2 Berry Product and Exclusive Worldwide Marketing Rights. Nutronix International has launched a new product into the market through their new division called The Berry Tree. You will get the O2 Berry product each month to use and / or share with other potential customers.

~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!


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