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Marketers in a forced matrix, build my downline...
5/19/2007 5:22:12 AM
Marketers in a forced matrix, build my downline... This it's rare... From 8 days, I made only 3 referrals, but I have 108 more already in my downline, because the "above" marketers give up to them referrals all new members over 5 in a row. That's amazing, also because you can promote your own program, and in the same time, you are privileged to know, what programs works, and what are scams... Also your sponsor help you to make faster your own 5 referrals... After the free trial (when you can build your own 5 and have in downline 200 others, you make an income in a geometrical progression... See more at or read what other marketers says: “To succeed online, you have to first identify which of the 4 types of online marketer you are” - David Hartman “What you need is not just a Forced Matrix, but also a Forced Team Support and a Forced Refer System” - Lawrence Caudell “Step By Step Guide to promotion in 14 days !” (“For those with limited time to promote, and no budget for paid promotion tools”) - Norman Buske “This unique system has reduced the traditional 95% inactive rate down to 90% in as little as 1 month !” (“The Forced Team Support and Forced Referring System is the ONLY WAY to achieve 100% active rate!“) - Henning Davison “Is your program listed below ?” - Dale Finkelstein We have built over 230,000+ Members in 1 year - Samantha Loomis Developing Brand Name Online
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