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Rose Enderud

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Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #13
5/14/2007 1:04:11 AM

It is our pleasure to bring you the

Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro

An on-line exhibition of work by Artist and Craftsmen at Adlandpro
(A new exhibition every three weeks)

This Week we are featuring an online exhibition of hand made jewellry by three of our members, Jenean Matthews,  Rosalind Brinson and Denise Morris, who all sell their jewellry through their web sites.


      Jenean Matthews           Rosalind Brinson         Denise Morris


Jenean Matthews  -  Jeweller


Green/purple necklace          Safari necklace, ear-     You Gotta Have Faith      Chai delight set
 with Polmer Clay Pendant      ring & bracelet set       Necklace with 3" cross     Necklace/amber
                                                                                                                      quartz pendant
                                                                                                                      and earrings
         40.00US$                         35.00  US$                     25.00US$                        35.00US$


Crystal & Glass Pearl          Multi-color crystal        Red White Blue & You         A beautful mystery
earrings with sterling         bead bracelet               Bracelet with lampwork     
silver earwires                                                      bicone & white beads
       8.00US$                           20.00US$                        18.00US$                     Ask Jenean


I have been a member of AdlandPro since 2005.

I have enjoyed crafts for years, rug hooking when I was in elementary school, sewing in high school, selling wearable art while I was a hairstylist for 12 years and a year I began beading. 

I began selling my jewelry online in October 2006. 

I enjoy taking classes, attending bead shows and joining beading forums.

I like working with all types of beads but my favorite is working with Swarovski crystals.  I like jewelry that sparkles.  I am inspired by a lot of things but I'm most inspired by the colors in butterflies.

To look or buy check out my sites



Rosalind Brinson .- Bead Jeweller


Green leaves, rich red       Cool cube earrings           Gold metal large                Crystal bead earrings
earth, with a delicate         with silver detail post        earrings
focal square.                     approx 2 " long
      30.00US$                       10.00US$                         Ask Rosalind                       Ask Rosalind


Earring Faux Pearl &          Gold & faux pearl heart         Choker. Glass  foil          Exquite glass rose
deep pink bead drops        pendant. Heart Earrings        pendant, faux leather     pendant with 18"                                              with shell backings               cord adjustable clasp      matching red wire

        12.00US$                       25.00US$                             17.00US$                       20.00US$


I began my adventure in beading a year ago as a  hobby. After receiving solid positive feedback, I decided to begin selling online.

My goal is to create quality, reasonably priced jewelry for women and men.
My focus is beads (stringing and loomwork). My plan is to add clay to my repitoire this summer.
Art runs in my family. My mother is a retired dress designer, my father is a carpenter in his spare time.

I will be a featured vendor at my first show on May 19th and I'm excited!

My other  passion is writing poetry. I am also considering a venture into life coaching.

Feel free to visit my site top browse or buy:


Denise Morris -  Polymer Clay Artist

     Pendant                  pen  holder               Necklace                Bracelet
    24.99US$                  9.99US$                19.99US$               19.99US$

                 Bracelet                    Bracelet                            Necklace                          Necklace                    19.99US$                 24.99US$               24.99US$            19.99US$


Welcome to the world of POLYMER CLAY. 

Enjoy the wonders of this versatile medium.  Polymer clay started out as modeling clay and is still used for that purpose.  It was only a few years ago that artists discovered how versatile 
this clay really is and began experimenting with jewelry and other decorative objects.


I have sculpted each bead by hand.  Many of the designs are made using the ancient Italian “millefiore” technique.  The beads are then sanded with two fine grits of sand paper, buffed and most are covered with a protective glaze for shine.

To buy or see more stuff –



Arts Exhibition Team

John Leal

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #13
5/14/2007 1:30:54 AM
Nice stuff Rose, better not show the missus :-)
Terry Gorley

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #13
5/14/2007 2:03:38 AM

6 Talented Ladies ... Congratulations to all of you!

Jenny, Rose & Venerina,

You have done a wonderful job with your 13 Arts Exhibition.  Thank you for featuring the jewelery of Jenean, Rosalind and Denise.

Congratulations, Jenean, Rosalind and Denise!

You have created wonderful pieces of jewelery.  All of you are very talented and each piece is a work of art.  




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Kathy Hamilton

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #13
5/14/2007 2:18:29 AM
Hello Rose,
Congratulations to all your showcase team.

your work is just amazing, you all are very talented, good job every one.

Aaron and Kathy
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