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Universal Law of Attraction
5/4/2007 11:03:24 AM

Universal Law of Attraction

This universal law is working in your life right now, whether you are aware of it or not. You are attracting  the people, situations, jobs and much more into your life. Once you are aware of this law and how it works, you can start to use it to deliberately attract what you want into your life.

How do you create your desires using the powerful law? There are just a few basic steps.
1. Get very clear on what you want

2. Visualize and raise your vibration about it


3. Take inspired action

4 . Allow It


You must be very clear on exactly what your desire is. Focus on it.  Give it all your positive energy. Feel good!

A major factor behind this Universal Law is the energy and vibrations of our emotions and feelings. Any thought you may have, when combined with emotion, vibrates out from you to the universe and will attract back what you want.

You can leave all the details to the universe.  Let the Universe figure out the method of delivery, when you will receive it, etc.  Now all you have to do is Allow It.  Sounds easy, right?  This can be the most difficult part to do.  Be doubt-free. All you need to do is expect it.  Act like you already have it. Be grateful.

And always take inspired action. If something feels right, then go ahead and do it. Taking action is an important step.

That is it!  You can always be expectant of good things, your desires.  Feel good knowing your desire is on its way to you.  

Always expect your desires. Expect miracles.


If you would like to learn more about the Law of Attraction, visit Wealth Beyond Reason.  You can start to learn and apply the powerful Law of Attraction for success in your life now.  


Most of you who begin this deliberate creation beat up on yourselves too much and we would like to let you off the hook by saying to you that LOA (law of attraction) is a very powerful thing. And you can't fight LOA. You just have to let LOA play out as it will. So if you have a habit of thought, LOA is going to bring more of that thought to you which means you're probably going to think that thought more. And as you think that thought more you're going to have more of those feelings and LOA is going to bring you more of that stuff. It's sort of like being mad at gravity. Damn - everytime I jump in the air I come right down. And we say it helps to accept gravity. It helps to acknowledge that this is the way gravity works and in time you learn to deal with it. You learn that there are many more benefits to it than there are detriments to it. And LOA is the same way. In time you come to realize its consitent nature is very beneficial to you so you don't ride around in the discomfort of LOA, instead you let it work for you.

Abraham-Hicks 2/7/99
All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications.
Visit the official Abraham site at:
Abraham-Hicks Publications P.O. Box 690070 San Antonio, TX 78269


Let's begin, shall we.....


Download Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World
by William Walker Atkinson. Written in 1906, his thinking was related to the newly popular book and dvd "The Secret."

The Law of Attraction
Of all the Universal Laws, the single most powerful law is the Law of Attraction

The Law of Deliberate Creation
It is simply understanding the Law of Attraction and then consciously and deliberately choosing the thoughts and emotions that feel better.

The Law of Allowing
Law of Allowing may be the most difficult one to do

Thoughts are a vital tool in creating the reality we experience.

We use visualization every day to create our experience of reality.

How do you know when you are a vibrational match to that which you desire?

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Excellent and highly recommended books on the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction Resources
The best resources you will find on the Law of Attraction.



Law of Attraction says, "That which is like unto itself is drawn."

~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!

Re: Universal Law of Attraction
5/25/2007 8:51:57 PM
WOW! I'm so glad I stumbled onto this forum. It contains some very powerful awesome information which I happen to believe in with all my heart and soul! Thanks alot!
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Re: Universal Law of Attraction
5/26/2007 9:59:53 AM
Hi Tina!  :-)

Thanks for stopping by!  The Law of Attraction is something that people have been hearing alot of the past year or so.  "The Secret" has helped tremendously bring the subject to the forefront.

I just want to tell everyone reading this......perhaps some of you have discounted the ideal that LOA presents.  I am here to tell you that this stuff is for real.  It is nothing new.....but the movie "The Secret" has presented this information in a new way in hopes that more people will understand this phylosophy and implement into their life.  That has become such a huge "eye opener" for so many!

As I have said....this is nothing new.  If you truly know your Biblical scripture....Jesus Himself taught these very same concepts to His deciples.  Please don't misinterpret the meaning of LOA.  So many people have commercialized this powerful concept and make seem evil or misguided.....when in fact it is not.

The concept is very simple.......and once you are finally able to utilize it....only then will you realize the creative power God has given you.

But:  natural laws depict that EVERY action creates an equal and opposite  reaction.  So, it stands to reason that you will ALWAYS have "naysayers"....and this is fine.

Like my good ALP friend Dave Cottrell says:  "Your skepticism DOES NOT alter reality!"

And to quote one of my inspirational heros James Arthur Ray"Mediocrity will always attack excellence!"

Learning and APPLYING the concepts of LOA have dramatically changed my life!  LOA does work!  But you have to do more than watch the movie.....and dream.

IT'S CALLED ACTION MY gotta take a step to move forward.  God isn't gonna pick your feet up and move them for you!

~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!


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