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Don't sell yourself short.
5/1/2007 11:35:58 AM

  Too many times people will allow others to influence them. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do anything. Legal of course. My family and I have been through an ordeal that 99% of people can only fathom the thought. But I am here and making strides. Accomplishing goals that I set for myself daily. Making a commitment to those that make that commitment to me.

  I shouldn't even be here. I shouldn't be talking to you all right now, but I had remarkable doctors and I have a remarkable family. I guess if there is anything to say it would be:

  • Do things that you have always wanted to do but never had the "time".
  • Always "pay" yourself first. Whether it is monetarily or spiritually.
  • Never rob yourself of "time".
  • Only sacrifice "you" when it benefits "yours". Family.
  • Influence yourself. Be a leader.
  • Love those that love you and care for those that don't.
  • And  never, ever, let anyone tell you that you cannot succeed in anything.

  J. DuBois

Bj Burgess

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Re: Don't sell yourself short.
5/4/2007 6:41:12 PM

Hi Joseph

Thanks for this article. It is so true.

Too many times people sit back and watch, instead of participating in things they were told,"You Can't Do That!".

Live each day as though there were no tomorrow, because you never know what tomorrow brings.




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