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We MUST act now!
4/10/2007 6:55:56 PM
This is a full scale threat! It is compared to a bug trap - most do not have a clue about this because it is so "hidden"! (even most of our congress women and men) It looks innocent at first as the "bug"(symbolizing other countries of the world and the USA ) goes down the tube to what it thinks is a non-threatening “treat", or food. After reaching a certain point, the bug tries to get out. But, the door only goes in one direction and there is no way out! We will be caught with NO ALTERNATIVE CHOICE over our health - only drugs! Codex is based on total control over all foods and chemicals(drugs). ANYTHING that is not on their chemical list will be "unlawful" and forbidden!! This means ALL nutritionals will be forbidden because they will be RECLASSIFIED as "TOXINS" through Codex's definitions.
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Re: We MUST act now!
4/12/2007 11:49:37 AM

Hello! How many times have they threatened to do this in the last 20 years???

Should this happen - the USA will be back into the McCarthy (sp) days!!!

I though that the USA was anti-communism!

... and like all banned items - they will still reach the marketplace !

A lot of the Codex lsited products are TOXINS also ... the cons far outweigh the pros in many cases. A was for the FDA to control and to profit from pharmaceuticals - our market for Health & Wellness products is probably less than 1% - what are they worrying about???

My views are probably not valid, as the affects of Codex in Canada may not be as much!

Thanks for listening!


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