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Understanding The Secret; (part 2) Joe vitale
4/4/2007 2:06:18 PM
A Dynaminc New Twist on the
Power of Positive Thinking
(part 2)

By:  Dr. Joe Vitale

The 5 Steps:

    To make the law of attraction work for you takes 5 steps......

Step 1:  Know What You Want

    It's easy to become fixiated on the pain of a bad back........the mental strain of a mountain of bills....or the frustration of a go-nowhere job or challenging relationship.  But our bitterness about our problems only attracts more problems to us.

    Replace negative thoughts about your problems with positive thoughts about the way you would like things to be, and you'll draw those things to you instead.

Bad:  "I'm fed up with these interruptions"
Good:  "I want a quiet and peaceful place where I can read a boook"

Bad:  My Feet are killing me"
Good:  "My foot pain will go away soon and I'll be just as mobile as ever!"

Bad:  "My marraige is failing"
Good:  "I have a wonderful spouse whom I love and I'm going to make this work!"

Step 2:  THINK BIG

    Decide what your goal is.  What would make your heart sing?  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  What would you want if you could have anything?

    Most people feel bound by the limits of what they consider feasible for their lives.  They hope to get through a difficult day......or to find enough money to pay the bills.  they don't dare hope for a truly fabulous, life-changing day......or to make enough money to put them on easy street.  But even your biggest dreams are not big to the universe.  There are trillions of dollars floating around the owlrd.....who's to say that you can't be a millionaire?  Set aside the contraints whatyou would want if you could have anything at all.

    Write your goal on a card, and put it in your pocket or purse.  By doing so, you will be unconsciously remind yourself of your intention.  Your own mind will then nudge you in the direction of making your goal a reality.

(to be continued 2morrow with - Step 3 "Clear all negative beliefs")
~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!


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