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Designing a Page That Compliments Your Content Pt.9 (Links and Commentary)
4/2/2007 1:35:33 AM
Designing a Page That Compliments Your Content Pt.9 (Links and Commentary)

On a news blog, for example, your readers expect that your commentary will provide interesting and relevant news, probably with a link to an original story or a source site. They will also expect you to provide expertise that they do not possess, information they have not found elsewhere, and an up-to–the-minute take on relevant trends and rumors. They want to read the entry and come away feeling they now know more than they did, that they learned something interesting, and that they leave with a reason to return.

A blog that reviews restaurants will meet those same expectations in a different manner. Timeliness is less a factor – restaurants don’t change as quickly as the daily news – but relevance and thoroughness become more important. Your readers are not going to return for your reviews of New York’s collection of Quizno's restaurants, nor for your fifth review of The British Pub, even if you think it the best place in the world to eat. They demand an expanding collection of useful content, and they want each entry to tell them everything they need to know to make an enjoyable dining decision. They want you to be clear, honest, and thorough.

Perhaps your blog is a reference blog, collecting and publishing links by subject. While readers may not have expectations for your commentary, they will expect the links to be accurate and present a thorough overview of the subject from all angles – or at least from the angle your readers have come to expect from prior commentary. Consistency and thoroughness are again the watchwords.

Whatever the theme of your blog, your readers will expect every entry to be timely, relevant, and accurate.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

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Re: Designing a Page That Compliments Your Content Pt.9 (Links and Commentary)
4/16/2007 7:02:12 PM

Hi Kenneth

Oh, no, that I cannot even start to think I can technically even ask a firend to do.

So be it.

Here is the Idea:

Just read it, OK?

Nazi Germany vs Georgy Dimitrov, two other Bulgarians and a German MP

'All I need is an excuse - said Hitler - any reason, one that would allow me to destroy the Communist Party, put their leaders behind bars, to ban the activities of the opposition Trade Unions, to isolate Social Democrats... I need a pretext so hear what I have in mind: let SA prepare a provocation by carrying out an attack on me. Let them make it loud and clear the attacker was a Communist. That is all I need.

_ 'No! No way! - said Goebels. - I object my Fuehrer! This could get really serious! We may ourselves show the way for some fanatic. I object! Your life will not be a pretext!

_ ' What if we plan a fire in the Reihstag - said Georing. That wayit will not be an act against a person but an attack on the self-esteem of the nation; every German will be revolted by such an infamous act.

Rosenberg: Great! And the guy who started it will turn out to be a Jew!

Goering: No! It's too early. No one will believe us. True, no German should be a part of this. And yet it is not the time for the jews, not yet, for the time being let us have someone French, Bulgarian, Polish - in short someone of foreign blood, a person who could not be considered to care about an object of worship for the German nation.

Dimitrov: The Nazi-socialists needed a diversion in order to eliminate their own problems: the very next day (after the Reihstag fire), on February 28th, the extraordinary decree went into effect, revoking the freedom of the press, individual rights, and establioshing a system of police repressions, and concentration camps.

On February 26th, van der Lube surely met in Henningsdorf this person whom he told about his attempts to start a fire in the Cuty Hall and in the Palace. This man told him that these attempts of arsony were just 'a piece of cake'> The real thing would be to do it in the Reihstag. The accomplice of political madness is sitting on the bench of the defendents. The accomplices on the side of political provocation remain at large.

The blind weapon, the misirable Faust, is sitting here, but Mephisto is still at large.'

On December 15th, 1980, the West Berlin County Court made public its decision to declare Van der Lube posthumously pardoned. The sentence issued by the Imperial court in 1933 as announced to have been an obvious breech of the Law.

As for Georgy Dimitrov, he was once again pronounced as a common defendent allowed to walk free for lack of evidence.

Dimitrov: The Supreme Prosecutor asked that the Bulgarian defendents be pronounced not guilty for lack of evidence. That, however, cannot be considered as proper. This is not at all as simple as all that. Such a decision would in no way eliminate the suspicions. During the course of this trial, it had been proven beyond any doubt that we had nothing to do with the fire in the Reihstag: therefore there is no place for suspicion, in other words, the Bulgarians, as well as Torgler, should be pronounced not guilty not due to lack of evidence, but because we had had nothing to do with this act."

Why not refresh our memory then?

Dimitrov: '... The 'National Government' was in need of a mega reason for issuing its extraordinary decree dated February 26th, 1933 (the day before the fire) that banned freedom of the Press, individual human rights, and institutionalized police repression, concentration camps, and all other measures against dissent."

The Counter Trial in London: The retroactive application of the Law of February 26th, 1933, that punished crimes such as arsony, and state treason, shall mean a serious blow on a legal principle, applicable in all civilized countries.'

General electiond were to be held on March 5th, 1933.

Goering: 'Had it been up to me, during the very night of the fire, a gallows would have been erected in front of the Reihstag, and all these criminal Communists would have hung on it.' (on March 4th, 1933, in a speech in the Berlin Sporthalle full of SA 'commandos' hungry for more bloodshed.

Hitler: Should the press outside Germany try to compare German rebirth with this dishonest act, it could only harden my decision through public, and immediate, execution to eliminate the arsonist, and his accomplices.' (on March 21st, 1933, during the opening session of the Reihstag).

Sounds familiar? ' Stop rallying for support of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian or things could only get worse for them.'

So what happened with the defendents:

They had been pardoned due to lack of evidence buit continued to be held in jail. A secret meeting of the Cpuncil Ministers was held in 1934 to decide what as to be done with the Bulgarians.(Torgler was going to the concentrations camps). They had been stripped of Bulgarian citizenship and the Soviets had offered them their own.

Rudolf Dils: We are convinced that the Bulgarian Dimitrov is too dengerous for us to let him go. He must be sent to a concentration camp...'

Himler: 'Dear comrade Dils! I shall of course take the same decision on the 'Dimitrov' case as you and Prime minister Goering. Heil Hitler!'

Goering to Gestapo boss Dils: ' The three Bulgarians will leave Germany on February 27, on a Deruluft plane, to take off from Tempelhoff at 07.00 hrs. On its way to Koenigsberg, the plane will not touch down in Danzig as usual.

This is strictly confidential... Director Fete had been warned to be at the airport of Koenigsberg at 10:30 am. Another plane is to take off immediately with pilot-commander Hoffman and head for Moscow.

Prior to take off, and I repeat, prior to take off, you shall personally inspect the plane and leave this package in the luggage area. At the last moment you will pull this handle - said Dils.'

Another plane was waiting for them there so Goering failed to blow them and the Deruluft plane as planned into thin air.

Next: Another Bulgarian, Sergei Antonov, and Bulgaria on Trial for Conspiracy;

The Reihstag This Time Played by Pope John Paul II & van der Lube By Mehmet Agca

'In his novel Darkness at Noon, Arthus Koestler imagines the way in which confessions were induced in Stalin's staged trials of the 1930s. Isolating the prisoner, persuading him/her of the hopelessness of his/her position, and convincing these human beings that they would best contribute to their own welfare, and that of the political agenda, by a properly directed confession thus yielded the desired results. With the incarceration and isolation of Agca, the subsequent pressures for cooperation, and the resultant confessions channeled to mutual advantage, the West produced an analogous result in Rome. Although the case against the Bulgarians was finally lost, the analogy still holds (sic) for a four (eight years in Libya) year travesty of justice that produced a huge windfall to its sponsors. Sergei Antonov, although released, as incarcerated for more than three years. He also seems to have collapsed mentally and physically from the stress of the accusations and confinement.'

I friend of mine who lives right below his apartment told me his mother had complained to him that when he came to pick up his daughter that he would not even talk to his own mother. So much for human rights, right? Or rather human decency and self-esteem; no place for them in the propganda machine, right?

'Destroy his fib or sophistry: in vain -

The creature's at his dirty work again.' Alexander Pope, 1735

And back it came, indeed:

'An important collaboration between Michael Ledeen and Pazienza involved the so called 'Billygate affair'. Italian investigators had already shown that SISMI, Pazienza, and Michael Ledeen, working through Super S, lured President Jimmy Carters brother Billy into a compromising relationship with Qaddafi during the 1980 presidential campaign. According to prosecuting Judge Domenico Sica, there was evidence that 'SISMI was the architect of the scandal over Billy Carter' and that the material in the case 'was gathered mostly by Pazienza and by his American friend Michael Ledeen'. The indictment against Pazienza explicitly mentioned Michael Ledeen as a co-conspirator in the illigal activities attributed to Pazienza

The Judgement describes an 'Operation Training Camps', in which Ledeen received 300 million lire for organizing training camps on anti-guerilla-anticommunist warfare. Pazienza claimed that part of the money was his. but Ledeen kept the entire sum for himself.

As the enterprise was strictly in aid of Reagan's election campaign, the Court did not consider this a proper use of Italian secret service resources.'

So, the question is:

why the indignation when noone had anything for 6 years;

why should Qaddafi not be entitled to do likewise thus endearing himself to his enemies: he is after all doing the same thing! There are Bulgarian Again!

Next: Bulgarian nurses and a Palestian with a death


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