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OPFM is a fraud
2/26/2007 9:01:14 PM
New OPFM Update.
Posted: 02-26-2007 06:51 PM

Hello everyone.  I've stayed away from our forum since OPFM launched.  I've checked on my back office daily.  I have seen no movement at all.  This forum has been very quiet.

I really don't want to bring everyone down, however this business opportunity has stalled.

This is the second time we've had a testimonial page with no testimonials.  Be honest.  No one has been paid.

We've been part of this "Live Build" since last July.  All we've had is promise after promise.   I don't blame this on Carl. I blame this on Thomas.  He has let us down, time after time.

I will no longer post here.  I will wait. But I have one thing to say.  Thomas you have disappointed many people who joined your team.  You have hurt our faith in you.  

There is no reason for anyone to respond to this post.  Nothing you can say will change my mind.

Keep on believing if you want. But until I see something, I will not believe in this so-called Miracle Matrix.

Don't pm me.  Don't try to reason with me. The proof is in the puddin.



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