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It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 83rd Person Of The Week!!!
2/26/2007 12:49:03 PM

o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~oPerson of the Week  o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o

o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~oPerson of the Week  o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o

Greetings To Everyone At AdlandPro From John Sanchez!

It’s time again for my favorite project of the week and that is the Feature of The Week! It is my favorite project because you folks and the POTW’s of the week make it a very special event. We are all so fortunate to be a part of this community that is made up of so many friendly and talented people. Thank you so much for your support and for making thist event so special. Love and Blessings to you all! John R. Sanchez


Announcement: My dear friend Pauline Raina will be assisting me with this forum and the POTW poll on weekends when I'm out of town or I'm busy for other reasons.






The reason the Feature of the Week forum was created was to honor people who have a positive influence on this community. To qualify the person has to be an active member and one who contributes to the positive atmosphere here AdlandPro. Here are the criteria for nominating a member for the Feature of the Week (also referred to as the Person of the Week, POTW). This criterion can be seen at the site below:


How Do I Get Selected as Person of the Week?


To be chosen as Person of the week you:


• Are highly visible on the community

• Are always seen as respectful, professional, and helpful.

• Must be nominated for the program by another member of the   Community and voted on by other members.

• Must have a real photo of themselves on their profile.



From a top of Mount Olympus we bring you Zeus our POTW for the week! Just kidding, he’s from the great State of Texas and his complete name is Andrew “Zeus” Anderson.  This humble and hard working individual brings a lot of experience in business to our wonderful community. He is very friendly and is always willing to help folks with their businesses. Congratulations Andrew on winning the Person of the Week Award! Enjoy your time on top of Mount AdlandPro, sorry there’s too much snow on top of Mount Olympus to have it there. lol  :-)


Here’s Andrew’s Bio:


Thank you,


  First off I would like to thank everyone who came out to vote for this honor. I would also like to thank John, his team, and Adland Pro for making this forum a reality. I am humbled just being here among such great friends and Adland members.

I was born Sept. 25th 1974 in FT. Worth Texas, raised primarily in Weatherford but due to my father being a sign painter on over the road trucks we moved a lot. I have lived in numerous states and numerous cities, taking in a lot of culture along the way. As my dad put it, “My boys will know what a cow is by actually seeing one.”, and I have seen more than my fair share.


  Being on the road a lot, made formal education a challenge, so from the 5th grade on I was home educated. My life has been diverse and exciting, and full of opportunity. I have a loving wife, Cary, of 6 years, 4 wonderful children and one on the way in June. I would not trade them for the world. My family is the entire reason I work from home, I love the time we spend together.


  Life has afforded many opportunities. I started my first business at age 14 doing detailing on OTR trucks, and did this for 6 year, until my back would not take operating the converted grinder anymore. I then went into food service and later retail where I amassed nearly 14 years in management. I have been everything from bottle washer to restaurant and retail manager along the way. Again, my mom and dad are responsible for my work ethic.


  In 1996 I was elected as the youngest council member in Arizona history. I was elected 1st Vice chairman of the La Paz County Republican Party that same year and was listed in the International Who’s Who of business and professionals. I have served as chairman for the county WACOG Advisory Board, and worked closely with our town manager on 3 budget comities with budgets up to 14.6 million dollars. Along the way I have taken classes and training that has allowed me to amass 23 credit hours in the fields of Public Relations and Human Resource Management. Due to finances I was never able to formally attend college so I do not have a degree. I do however have on hand experience that has taught me more than any text book could have every provided, as text books tell you the formula of getting from point a to b, but don’t tell you a thing about the lives of the people it takes to get there.


  I believe the 4 secrets of success are: 1. Strong mind - Never stop learning. 2. Strong body - You must be able to meet the challenges and handle the hours. 3. True heart- be as honest with others as you are with yourself. 4. Faith - Never stop dreaming or believing, know in your heart that your goals are doable then do them. Above all, I know that leaders are nothing without the people who follow, and to be a success in network marketing you must have a personal stake in the success of every member in your down-line.


  I am a marketer, a webmaster, and affiliate, and a partner. I am a owner, and employee, a father and a husband, but the one thing I aspire to most is being a friend when a friend is needed.


Thank you again for this honor,


Andy Zeus Anderson




Folks, it’s time to congratulate Andrew on having won the POTW award. Invite him to join your list of friends if he’s not already on it.


Mr. Zeus, enjoy your week as our Person of the Week and King of AdlandPro. You're going to have a memorable week so have fun my friend!  ;-)



Love and Blessing to all of you from,


John Sanchez and Pauline Raina




La Nell !

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Re: It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 83rd Person Of The Week!!!
2/26/2007 12:55:33 PM
Hi Everyone, :-) Congrats goes to King Andrew for the POTW award. Hooray!!! LaNell

Pauline Raina

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Re: It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 83rd Person Of The Week!!!
2/26/2007 1:01:06 PM

Enjoy your week of stardom as our King of Adland !!!!! we so appreciate you dear friend. You make this community a better place to be...thank you.
have fun
many blessings
Pauline R
Sam Hall

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Re: It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 83rd Person Of The Week!!!
2/26/2007 1:08:41 PM

Congratulations  Andrew :-)


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Joe Downing

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Re: It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 83rd Person Of The Week!!!
2/26/2007 1:23:54 PM


Hello Andrew!  Nice to meet you.  Your bio is very interesting and it is great to know that you put your family first.  I just found out that we are not officially friends.  I just sent you an invitation.

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