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2/21/2007 11:10:09 PM

 Walking Garbage Can Walking Garbage CanHi,

  Okay, I've got my twin brother with me.  First, I hope that I am putting this forum in the proper category.  Many one word forums could have several meanings to them, however I believe the majority of our members will agree that "Lost" has only one meaning.  The T.V. series.  This has become the most watched of any series that I can think of that has ever been on T.V.  Why?

  What is it about the series LOST that attracts so many people?  From it's very first episode this series has been like a magnet to many viewers wherever they live.  Is it the unique blend of characters?  The fact that they are not alone?  Perhaps the mystery of who the OTHERS are and what THEY look like.  Could it be the Bermuda Triangle?, or perhaps a Parrelel Universe?  We now know what the OTHERS look like, and the unigue blending of the shows glimpses into the past lives of individual members, gives us a preview of what is to come.  We know that the stranded members on the island have had difficulties in their pasts, but nothing that makes them evil, so why are they trapped here, and what is their future?  I know that there are a lot of various different opinions about this show, and I think that it would be nice to here from as many people as possible to see what each one thinks.  The reason that I included a Parrelel Universe is quite simple.  I want someone to come by and tell me how to spell it.  The other reason is that Each Main character in the series has Flashbacks about when and where they have encountered one of the OTHERS.  The people on the Island come from various locations including China, Australia, England, Scotland, America, Mexico, and many other countries.  At the end of this evenings program, we see Jack and the Others getting in some Boats to go back to their home.  As events have taken place all over the Globe, and the OTHERS are going back to their Home (and keep in mind we are talking about Science Fiction) the only logical solution that I can come up with is that they are headed towards a Portal that will take them through to another dimension or Parrelel Universe.  I would like to get your take on it.  If you have never heard of the series LOST forgive me.  I did not know that some people still live in caves.

God Bless You



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