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It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 82nd Person of the Week!!!
2/20/2007 11:47:18 AM

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Greetings To Everyone At AdlandPro From John Sanchez!

It’s time again for my favorite project of the week and that is the Feature of The Week! It is my favorite project because you folks and the POTW’s of the week make it a very special event. We are all so fortunate to be a part of this community that is made up of so many friendly and talented people. Thank you so much for your support and for making thist event so special. Love and Blessings to you all! John R. Sanchez






The reason the Feature of the Week forum was created was to honor people who have a positive influence on this community. To qualify the person has to be an active member and one who contributes to the positive atmosphere here AdlandPro. Here are the criteria for nominating a member for the Feature of the Week (also referred to as the Person of the Week, POTW). This criterion can be seen at the site below:


How Do I Get Selected as Person of the Week?


To be chosen as Person of the week you:


• Are highly visible on the community

• Are always seen as respectful, professional, and helpful.

• Must be nominated for the program by another member of the   Community and voted on by other members.

• Must have a real photo of themselves on their profile.



This week we’re honoring Judy Smith with the Person of the Week award which she is long overdue for. Judy is another of AdlandPro’s benevolent individuals who makes this the special community that it is. She has a very positive outlook on life and she is someone who relies on her Faith to help her through life’s hurdles. Congratulations Judy on winning the POTW award! Enjoy your time on AdlandPro’s grandest stage!


Here's Judy's Bio:

I am a positive, healthy, active and successful 59 year old who loves God, family, friends and life.  


I am the product of a corporate salesman father who travelled a great deal and a stay at home Mom, who prior to having children was a secretary to the President of Campbell’s Soup.  I was raised on the "Main Line of Philadelphia" in Wayne, PA. which is in the Philly suburbs, with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters.   So, now that I painted the "rosy picture", I will simply say that it wasn't always rosy!  We're not "going there". The past is past and I moved on a very long time ago.  I Only Have TODAY!  TODAY is the ONLY day I have to make a difference and have an impact on my life and the lives of others. 


I married, at a young age (by today's standards) and was blessed with 2 beautiful sons - only 14 months apart, I might add - Oh what FUN that was!  I was the victim of an abusive marriage, which ended after 10 years - And, then, I was a SINGLE MOM!  Reflections on the years that followed are bitter-sweet, but the good Lord walked with me - and carried me through it making me stronger and wiser with every challenge along the way!


So many years have passed since then.  AND, WE MADE IT!  It wasn't all perfect and beautiful.  It was always interesting, challenging and at times frustrating and I'll even go so far as to use the word SCARY, and here we all are on the other end, and all is well. I thank God daily for giving me the strength to get through some of those years!!  I thank Him too for the friends who were so supportive, always willing to lend a hand and be there if I needed them.  When I think back, I remember only the fun times and the good times and the blessing of two wonderful guys!


 Before the boys graduated from High School and started off to college, I made a decision to go back and get my degree and I graduated from Immaculata College in Malvern, PA only 3 months prior to my oldest son starting at Pitt.  Wheww!  Then there was a period of 3 years where I had 2 of them in college simultaneously, YIKES!


When I was in my early 30’s, I decided to go into business for myself and spend a whole lot of years in the retail and rental business.  In 2000 I retired, sold the businesses.  It was a 24/7/365 proposition and I had had it!  Though I do miss the people, I have never for one moment missed the feeling of being OWNED by a business.


MY RETIREMENT LASTED a whopping 5 MONTHS!  After all the work around the house that had been neglected for so long was taken care of, I GOT BORED, and I did the only thing I could do, what I had been "conditioned" to do- I went back to WORK.


 I remarried 19 years ago and am blessed with a best friend and companion beyond anything I ever believed possible.   At 59 years old, I am fun loving GRANDMOM!  I have my wonderful hubby, and 4 terrific and beautiful grand children. Working for someone else has been a whole new challenge.  When the grandchildren started entering the picture, they presented a huge incentive to be at home with a great husband who is retired.  I intend to have the time and the opportunity to spend time with him and the little ones. 


A passion and pastime of mine is Mother Nature, birds and watching them. Years ago, I was given a bird feeder as a gift.  It was love at first site as I began what would be a lifelong hobby. I created a backyard habitat and have been an avid bird watcher and lover ever since.  My most recent endeavor is an ecommerce website where I sell nothing but bird feeders, bird houses and baths and binoculars.  Building it was a challenge for me, and I have learned so much. It has been an exciting and rewarding process and I am now turning my efforts toward marketing the website, though I must admit that I am finding that more difficult than building the site. 


Coming to the realization that I "deserve" success, money and freedom was a PROCESS.  Enjoying it, living life to it's fullest after being a work-a-holic for so long is also a process.  I am seeing now that I had a huge LEARNING CURVE in accepting that is OK to kick back and just relax.  The opportunities to move forward and improve my life and contribute to the improvement of the lives of others are astounding.  Every day a new door opens.  LIFE ROCKS!  (Wow, I am sounding a bit trendy, aren't I?)  I am confident, sometimes even courageous, and the excitement and enthusiasm is keeping me "bubbly". 


 Every day I thank God for the blessings He has bestowed on my life.  I believe that SUCCESS IS A CHOICE!  I believe that if we expect the best, then that is exactly what we will get.  Through the trials of my life God never gave me more than I could handle at any given time.  I have now learned that He will take care of everything as long as I turn it all over to Him and stop being a control freak!  I also believe that by giving of ourselves to others, we will receive 10 times that in return.

I choose to have a great day everyday – and I do!



Folks, it’s time to congratulate Judy on having won the POTW award. Please take the time to invite her to join your list of friends if she’s not already on it.


Judy, thank you my friend for always being so kind and supportive of me. I hope you have a blast as our POTW and Queen of AdlandPro! We love you my friend!  :-) 


Love and Blessing to all of you from,


John Sanchez





Joe Downing

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Re: It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 82nd Person of the Week!!!
2/20/2007 11:53:28 AM

What an awesome life you have had.  Having faith and trusting in God is admirable and the true only way to get through it all.  I am so glad you are my friend and I have been enjoying our tag-posts here and there.  You have taught me a lot in just the few weeks that I have been here at Adland.  You truly are a great friend to have.

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Thomas Richmond

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Re: It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 82nd Person of the Week!!!
2/20/2007 12:06:25 PM

Judy, Judy, Judy! Congratulations!!! "And we know that all things God works for the good of those who love him... Romans 8:28  God Bless you Judy my friend, Enjoy your week!  Your Adland Prayerwarrior...

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La Nell !

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Re: It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 82nd Person of the Week!!!
2/20/2007 12:07:36 PM
Hi Everyone, :-) Queen Judy is a special friend. lol,LaNell
Sue Lester

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Re: It's Time To Honor AdlandPro's 82nd Person of the Week!!!
2/20/2007 12:15:36 PM
Dear Judy
you are an inspiration to us all - thank you for being so kind to me - you deserve your week in the spotlight - enjoy!

your friend
Sue xxx

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