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It's not about me....
2/17/2007 7:20:33 PM
This forum is not primarily about my new job.  So let's start over.  I am interested in what is going on in YOUR life....projects, challenges, etc. so that we can share ideas, suggestions, encouragement.  As an example only...some of the things I am currently dealing with are:  learning a new job in the criminal justice field , taking care of my aging mother, and finding out about autism because my 3 year old grandson, Jacob, has recently been diagnosed.  But what is life in 2007 like for YOU? 
Re: It's not about me....
2/18/2007 2:37:42 PM
Hello Glendie,

Thanks for being my friend and for also inviting me here!

Congratualations on your new job, and if you need any info about taking care of your aging mother, I can tell you plenty based upon my wife's and my experience with her mother who has Parkinsons and Alzheimers. My wife is also an only child.

So far this year isn't the most wonderful start of a year I've ever had. I'm a public safety security officer....looking for a job change. Trying to find another job is taking some time.

You can read some of my experiences from the last few years which are still carrying over into this yeat at my forum:

Both my cars  are going to need to be replaced this year also and I will fairly soon need a plumber for some  clogging pipes. I'm not handy with plumbing.The last Time I tried my hand at it it only got was a Sunday and Valentines day and I had to give in and call the plumber anyways!

My projects are mostly watching and investing in Penny stocks at which I'm doing fairly well.

Anywhing you want to know, just ask or email me.

Always wishing you Happiness, Long-life, and Success. Frederick JaegerThe Next Millionaire Maker:http://18332.powerbarclub
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Re: It's not about me....
2/18/2007 3:21:16 PM

Hi Glenda,

This year my son is graduating from high school, hopefully going to college next fall...he has to practice his driving, thats my main concern!  I hope everything goes well for you and everyone here this year!

Re: It's not about me....
2/18/2007 8:06:15 PM

My Beloved and Respected Friend Gendie.......(LOL) !

Thank you for your invitation and regarding me, I am basically an Ex-Military Personnel from Indian Air Force - Put up total 15 years of Colorful Service in their Technical Group : Airframe & Aero-engine (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)(Aeronautical Engineering Division) + a Mechanical Engineer with Business Management.

Presently I am working for a Well Reputed Company in Dubai and I am running my own "Advertising & Marketing Group" in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Presently, our company is doing a Project in Jebel Ali Free Zone, in association with Dubai Dry Docks (Ship Builders) and I am incharge of their Advertising, Marketing, Recruitment, Manpower Supply and hence, I have to travel  a lot to all the neighbouring countries like Kuwait, Muscat, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc. (including all the 7 Emirates of United Arab Emirates). 

Regarding the Criminal Justice.....(your subject) the law and order in U.A.E. is something different comparing with other places.  I will add up more in my next post.  Though, Dubai (U.A.E.) is one of the Commercial/Financial Hubs of Middle East, we have our own Good and Bads....over here also.  (Let me come back to you in my next post).

Again......Please discuss everything with our "Beloved and Respected Friend Kathy Hamilton" and follow her that, you can learn a lot and she will be much helpful to you in every respect.

Thanking you, once again.

With lots of Love, Affection, Respect and Prayers......!

Your Ever Loving Friend,

Your "BAD BOY"........(lol),

Mohamed Gani.



Re: It's not about me....
2/18/2007 8:10:44 PM

Dear Glendie......!

I have spelled your name "Wrong"......and please bear with me.

( See how careless......I am............LOL).

Sorry for my mistake......!

Friendly Yours,

Your "Bad Boy".....(LOL),

Mohamed Gani.


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