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Tools for you
2/15/2007 11:47:29 PM

I tried to create a new forum for this post but the system told me that I had created the maxium number of forums and wouldn't let me so I just posted this here for your use.

If I didn't do something right in trying to create a new forum would you let me know.

Hello Everyone.

I have a few tools that are free to sign up for and use that I thought that you might be able to use.

I am posting all of the links for you so that you can go have a look at them and decide if you can use them or not to promote whatever you promote.

These tools are all included when you sign up for free. You can sign up for each of them individually but I would reccomend that you just sign up one time and get them all at once.

Feel free to go and use them to do your advertising if you dont want to sign up for the free account.

There is way too much information for me to tell you what all of these can do so just go check out the sites and see for yourself.

To sign up for all of these at one time go to Here you can learn what this is all about and how it works.

These are all free tools that you can offer to your prospects to get them more excited about your offer.

1st Classifieds
Big Kahuna
Computer Giveaway
Daily Message Online
FFA Farm
Free FFAs
Free Page
Money Machine
Spam Wars
Vacation 4 Free
Your Veretekk Profit Portals:
Your Veretekk Regional Portals:
Veretekk Down Under


To your success!!

Most People Fail Because of the Inability to Make a Timely Decision.        Napolean Hill.

Get your free copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill by visiting my Success University web site.

Thanks for Reading . Stay POSITIVE!!

Barry Galen


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