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What is a CSI Background Check?
2/5/2007 11:01:34 AM

A background investigation is something that is important.  A lot of people seem to get excited about a new relationship; only to discover; some less than favorable traits of the new person they have discovered.  I've listed 15 questions that should be included in a CSI investigation. please feel free to read and add as many questions as you can.  Questions are the most important factor of your background investigation.  

1.  name, DOB, Birthdate of Subject

2.  Last 10 addresseses of subject

3.  Last three jobs of subject

4.   Who are the closest friends

5.    What happened to their relationships?

7.     Do they have a relationship with their family/

8.      Are they happy?

9.      Do they help others?

10.     Do they deserve your attention?

11.      What was the first thing that you noticed about them?

12.    Can you accept them for who they are?

13.    What do you want to change about them?

14.   Do you laugh when you are with them?

15.   Are you light with the person or do you become heavy with emotions? 


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Re: What is a CSI Background Check?
2/7/2007 5:41:21 PM


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