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The Drummerboy

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Need A Little MoMo?
1/19/2007 1:18:04 PM
Hi everyone!  :-)

I would like to introduce you all to a friend of mine.  His name is Earl Mann and he has the most awesome inspirational website you just have to check out!  :-)  On his site, he disscusses and teaches the same principles (Quantum physics/The Law of Attraction) that are taught in the movie THE SECRET.

My friend Earl Mann

Need A Little MoMo?

If you really understood your own magnificence, you would be compelled to expect a great day.

Understanding your own greatness creates motivation, which then builds momentum. I call this amazing combination "MoMo." It's the magic that can transform your life.

Welcome to my playground of possibility. Here, I share the ideas of people who have dedicated their lives to exploring and explaining greatness. I hope to ignite the power of MoMo in your life.

Check out this week's MoMoVideo and...

Expect a great day!
Earl Mann

Notice his signature?  Earl is actually the one who coined the phrase "EXPECT a great day".....a phrase that I use so much. (thanks for the inspiration Earl!)

Anyway it goes.......I would like to encourage everyone here in AdLand to visit Earl's website.  You can sign-up to recieve a weekly video that will inspire you and really get you thinking about life in a positive light!  I can't even begin to explain how awesome they are!  He really puts in a lot of effort into them!

Oh...And don't worry......he won't be sending you any "offers" to buy anything.  Just your weekly video announcements.  Earl just wants to share positive "vibes" and 'thoughts' with everyone he can.


and as always.........

EXPECT a great day!
~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!

Larry Blethen

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Re: Need A Little MoMo?
1/19/2007 1:44:14 PM
hello Brain...thank you for the URL...Larry
Larry Blethen, 304-369-5603
John Hanevy

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Re: Need A Little MoMo?
1/20/2007 1:47:19 AM
Hi Brian,

Thanks for the link. I listened to one of the videos, he's a very good speaker.
I listen to Jeffery Gitomer and Brian Parsley regularly, they have weekly videos as well, usually related to sales.


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