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1/12/2007 7:00:41 PM

Hello Linda. I just received this message from a fellow Adlander. Her name is Lola.  She is a Jerky Direct member.  Let's welcome her to our TEAM and get her in our rotator.  I urge everyone to welcome Lola.  She wants to be part of a successful TEAM.  Here is the message:

Hi Lloyd, Linda has been contacting me as well. I just don't know how to go about switching. Let me explain, I am already a JD member, but I am getting no sales or inquiries. I just don't know if I should switch over under Linda, or if I should remain where I am, since I am getting views. I am not sure if I am interested in this particular idea or not. I don't seem to be getting the idea of what is going on with your "group". What's the difference if I go it alone, or if I join up with you. Let me know, Lola V ">


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