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Nationwide Business Focus Group and Registry
12/24/2006 7:17:44 PM
Salutations Fellow Business Professional ,

I am a principle member of a group of business people who have a nationwide network of business leaders who want like minded individuals to work with us.

We have focused groups in Las Vegas, NV Chicago, IL, Southern Utah and Northern AZ We need to create focus groups in other areas. If you are willing to learn more about this, let me know. The duties are not for everyone. The one in charge needs to be willing to work online AND offline in their location to help promote other people. Whether you want to help with running other focus groups, we want to help you. Participation is free for now. That could change soon.

Whether you are online or offline marketing, we want to help you make and exceed your dreams. Did you know that only 20% of all businesses survive the first 5 years? The only 20% of those survive the next 5 years? Ask many of those that survive what they want to see in the next 5 years and they will say they want to retire, quit, end it all. They will tell you that their business owns them not them owning the business. They want out. We want to help you create a business that you OWN, one in which you can leave it for a year and it will not only survive but thrive. The ONLY way to do that is to network with other people and empower them to reach their goals. We provide the vehicles to do that. We have the people with the experience who have done this themselves and helped others do it! It is your turn. What will  you do?

Our message is that people want to do business with people they relate to, people they know, people they like, and people they trust. We first want to meet these criteria with you. In order to help us do that we need you to answer a few questions about yourself and your business.

Q1: What do you do?

Q2: Where do yo do it? Online, offline or both? Describe all please.

Q3: What would be an ideal customer for you? How could we recognize this ideal customer?

Q4: What can we do to help you? What product or service are you looking for right now to move you to the next level? If you do not know, may we suggest a free business evaluation from Mesmerizzzed Marketing?

About Mesmerizzzed! Marketing

Based in Las Vegas, Mesmerizzzed! Marketing focuses on small businesses with dramatic growth potential. The Mesmerizzzed! methodology starts with directing a laser beam focus to our client’s target market, then engineering the product, pricing and sales process for optimum growth in profitability. Only then do we develop and deploy any of the hundreds of weapons in our promotional arsenal.

Learn more at  or call us toll free at 1.866.313.8081 for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

Watch for our launch of the “Mysteries of Marketing” Program - coming in the first quarter, 2007.

Please share this Christmas gift with your e-mail list. Happy Holidays!

Bill Merrow


Mesmerizzzed! Inc.
4132 South Rainbow Boulevard Suite 452
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 
Toll Free: 866.313.8081
Fax: 702.247.8749


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