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No Way! Toxic Vitamins
12/15/2006 5:40:46 PM

No Way! Toxic Vitamins

Stop taking Them!

Posted Thursday, October 13, 2005 by Mike Adams


Vitamin warning! Some nutritional supplements use hydrogenated oils as fillers


The next time you buy soft-gel vitamins, you'd better take a look at what's inside them. Would you be surprised if I told you that vitamin companies are taking one of the most toxic food ingredients known to mankind and putting it in soft gels as a filler? It's absolutely true. You can find it in vitamins and supplements in health food stores, grocery stores, price discount warehouse clubs, retailers and pharmacies all over the country and around the world right now. What toxic ingredient am I referring to? Partially hydrogenated soybean oil.


Today, anyone who follows nutrition knows that hydrogenated oils are extremely toxic. We know that, long-term, they will lead to cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. They can even encourage strokes. We know that they cause harm, sometimes irreparable, to the nervous system. We know that they interfere with the absorption of the essential fatty acids you need to maintain healthy cells, a healthy nervous system, healthy blood sugar regulation and many other functions.


Big Pharma manufactures vitamins, tooAnd yet, vitamin companies – the cheap ones – are taking this ingredient and putting it in soft gels as filler. And that's not the only ingredient they're putting in, either. Some vitamin companies are taking artificial colors – that's right, chemicals extracted from coal tar – and putting them in not only soft gels but in tablets and capsules, too.


Now, why on earth would a vitamin company do this? The answer is because some of these companies aren't at all interested in health. In fact, the dirty little secret of the nutritional supplements industry is that many of these companies are wholly or partially owned by pharmaceutical companies, so these vitamin manufacturers think they can standardize, process and manufacture vitamins in the same way they manufacture prescription drugs (which is an entirely unnatural process, by the way).


When companies manufacture prescription drugs, they really don't care what goes into them as long as the active ingredient is there. Prescription drugs, in addition to containing highly toxic chemicals that are supposed to be medicinal, also contain highly toxic fillers, colors and other additives that sometimes even counteract the intended effect of the drug. When those pharmaceutical companies decide to branch out into nutritional supplements because it's a hot industry, they, of course, carry over these same manufacturing practices to nutritional supplements. This is why you don't want to get your supplements from these mega corporations that are actually owned by Big Pharma. It's better to get something from smaller, more passionate companies.

I don't necessarily mean "mom-and-pop" shops, but I mean companies that are solely focused on health, even if they do happen to be commercially successful. Companies like New Chapter, Nature's Way, Now Foods, Garden of Life or Jay Robb Enterprises (which has outstanding whey protein, soy protein and egg protein products). These are a few of the many companies that seem to really care about health and they avoid using toxic ingredients, whereas many other supplement companies don't care at all what they put in there, as long as they can claim something on the label.


What you see is not always what you get


When you're buying a soft gel capsule, you would normally think that what goes inside that soft gel is what's stated on the label. It makes sense, right? So if the label on that vitamin bottle says "salmon oil," and you take out a soft gel and look at it, you would think it's filled with salmon oil, right? This is what most people think. This is common sense. But in fact, it is incorrect.


You might be amazed to learn this, but that soft gel may not be filled with salmon oil at all; it may have a miniscule amount of salmon oil in it, but the rest of it is just filler. It could be soybean oil, hydrogenated oils or some other form of filler. It could be something that's actually dangerous to your health, so you'd better read the ingredients labels on those vitamins, minerals and supplements, in addition to reading the ingredients labels on foods, as I've always recommended. Watch out! Just because you buy something that looks good on the label – something that claims to have flax oil, salmon oil or vitamin B in it – it doesn't mean it's actually good for you.


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