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11/27/2006 10:06:38 PM
Hi Friends , Here's one to get you laughing! --------------------- A man walks into a bar, looks around, then heads straight to a booth in the corner where there sits the only other customer in the bar. "May I buy you a drink?" he asks. "Of course! Sit down" the man answers. They order and begin drinking. The first man says "I couldn't help noticin' your accent? Where are ye from?" "Ireland," the other customer replies. "Well, I'll be! I'm from Ireland too! Let's drink to that!" And they both drink. Then the man asks, "Where in Ireland, if I might ask?" "Dublin," the other man responds. "Begorrah!" the first man exclaims. "I'm from Dublin myself! Let's drink to that!" And they both drink. "Now you've got me curiosity up," the first man says. "Where did you go to high school?" "St. Mary's," the second man said. "I graduated in '62." "That's incredible! I graduated from St. Mary's in '62 as well! Let's drink to that!" And they both drink. Another customer walks into the bar, heads to the counter and asks the bartender, "What's up, Bob?" "Not much," the bartender replies. "Except that the O'Riley twins are drunk again." ------------- Thanks Leanne Busby Put yourself on my Map
Misty Hickox

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Re: Begorrah
11/27/2006 10:51:22 PM
I wonder if that is how my twin boys are going to turn out???? Hope Not!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deborah Skovron

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Re: Begorrah
11/29/2006 1:14:42 PM

Hi Leanne,

  How funny!!!  I wish my Irish grandfather was alive to tell this one to.

Thank you.

Your Good friend


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