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Life , Health , Wellbeing , Wealth , Family & Friends !!!
11/21/2006 3:20:50 PM
The place where WANT TO BE BLOGGERS come to learn , Work is one of the few places ,outside prison, where you can spend all day cooped up with people you don't choose to know.Humor and tolerance are essential...Caring about others makes the most trivial and inconsequential things become a source of great satisfaction...If you think you are a fine person and it's all those others who are wrong , maybe you should think again ...It's always a good idea to let people speak , even if you fiercely disagree with them. Nothing exposes nonsense like a good airing and . who knows , maybe you'll find it wasn't all nonsense after all...ME///George T...OLDSKOOLERJR  Gentle Men !!!  [affiliate link removed per forum description].
I am no one really SPECIAL in life , But I am a person who tries to LIVE,LOVE and ENJOY LIFE...I HOPE Life will let YOU continue to be the BEAUTIFULL person YOU seem to be... The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Danger ; The Pessimist Sees Danger In Ever

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