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George L Turner Jr

George L Turner Jr
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About Me
A heart full of generosity scatters joy , just as a handful of seeds can cover the mountains with green forests.Sometimes in life the glass seems half empty , sometimes it seems half full , and sometimes the glass is twice as large as it needs to be...Man is never helped in his suffering by what he thinks for himself but only by revelation of a wisdom greater than his own.It is this which lifts him out of his distress...I feel that LIFE is like a great ship loaded with cargo to be delivered to many different people in many different places.I/YOU are the captain , but GOD is the owner of the ship...Only generous people can learn : you have to allow new ideas and concepts to enter your consciousness with a kind of cheerful openess.To be generous is to be a person who has the ability to listen to someone that you have nothing in commen with and still be fascinated by their presence...It's worth considering the effect that your words may have on others.Try them out on yourself first.What sounds okay when it's inside your head can sound all wrong when you say it.The BEST communications are intended to inform the recipient , not to make the writer look clever.Some people have a talent for HAPPINESS just as some have a talent for great music . We can't ALL be great , but everyone can at least learn to play CHOPSTICKS !!! OLDSKOOL...   AND     AND
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Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (6/18/2019 9:53:14 PM) : ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ Welcome to Our Community, George๐Ÿน๐ŸŒด
Jason Lamure - (10/30/2007 10:19:19 PM) : Hey George,just dropping by to leave a little positive feedback on your community involvement. Great to be friends with you.

George L Turner Jr - (10/30/2007 10:19:19 PM) : THANK YOU J.L. , WOW a TEN !!! YOU stay KOOL and have a HAPPY Halloween...
Patricia Bartch - (1/9/2007 4:43:56 PM) : George is one of my NEW friends!! If you want to get involved in good business, please enroll under George in Jerky Direct. He is a new member and I know everyone that signs up under George will be working with a Very Nice Man!!! Here is George's Jerky URL: Pat
George L Turner Jr - (1/9/2007 4:43:56 PM) : WOW !!! A #ten , I don't KNOW if I rate a # ten , but after tasteing the JERKY from J/D I know it is a #ten !!! THANKS Pat B. and to ALL of YOU that join our TEAM at J/D...ME///George T.


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