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Dave Cottrell

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Pulled Over - Yikes!!
11/9/2006 5:10:58 AM
Hello, everyone, Not to offend anyone, but just to set the record straight - a joke is a joke. Yesterday's joke was just a joke - I have the greatest respect for Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. Here's what you DON'T want to see after a pleasant night on the town... A man sees flashing red and blue lights in his rear view mirror and pulls to the side of the road. A minute or so after coming to a stop, a police officer approaches the car. The man says, "What's the problem officer?" Officer: You were going 75 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a ticket. Man: No sir, I was going a little over 60. Wife: Oh, Harry. You were going at least 80! [The man gives his wife a dirty look.] Officer: I'm also going to give you a ticket for your broken tail light. Man: Broken tail light? I didn't know about a broken tail light! Wife: Oh Harry, you've known about that tail light for weeks! [The man gives his wife another a dirty look.] Officer: I'm also going to give you a citation for not wearing your seat belt. Man: Oh, I just took it off when you were walking up to the car. Wife: Oh, Harry, you never wear your seat belt! The Man turns to his wife and yells, "For cryin' out loud, can't you just shut up?!" The officer turns to the woman and asks, "Ma'am, Does your husband talk to you this way all the time?" Wife says, "No officer, Only when he's drunk." Oh! Oh! Have a great day! God bless, Dave
Re: Pulled Over - Yikes!!
11/9/2006 5:42:58 AM

Hello David:

I remember this one. Funny. Not to worry about the " Bush joke ". We live in a society that promotes our ability to poke a little fun. I woke up yesterday ( thank God) and found a little humor in my email that for the most part, would have up set a normal person.

With that said, I found this today. It is " ticket related ".

" A police spokeswoman confirmed that police discovered the body of the 71-year-old man yesterday and found a parking ticket on the windscreen of his car. He had been reported missing to police nine days ago and was known to be seriously ill.

Maroondah mayor Paul Denham said in a statement today that the parking officer had not noticed the man when he attached the parking fine to the windscreen. "


Bea Souza

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Re: Pulled Over - Yikes!!
11/9/2006 7:18:55 AM

That is a good one Dave.  Silence would have been golden. LOL!!

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Geketa Holman

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Re: Pulled Over - Yikes!!
11/9/2006 12:01:21 PM

Hi Dave ,

That was a good one lol Thanks for the giggles..

Have a great day .. I love a good joke.. !! I do believe in political humour just look at a few of our past presidents LOL



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