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Find the Right Audience For Your Offer
11/3/2006 10:21:40 PM
Hi Friends, Why does advertising NOT work? Why do some products and services fail to sell as much as they should? Usually it is because the offer did not reach the right audience. No matter what you are selling, there are thousands of people who would buy immediately if they only knew about you. Reaching the right audience can be difficult. If you have been in business very long at all, you have probably placed a few ads that didn't bring in response. Perhaps you placed the same ad in a second publication that flooded your email and telephone with inquiries. --------------------------------------- Post a free ad! --------------------------------------- Here's how to determine the audience media attracts: For larger media--like radio, TV, and daily newspapers--you can use ratings info to zero in on the audience a media outlet reaches. This information is sometimes published in the newspaper and is always available through the respective trade publications of various media (check your local library.) You can also get ratings info from ad agencies, media sales departments (take 'em with a grain of salt), and by striking up a conversation with someone in media. For Internet and print publications, determine the audience they reach by looking at the kinds of articles they carry. If you see a lot of how-to business tips (Sign up for free newsletter tips and tricks for networking at home! you can bet they have a big audience of innovation-oriented entrepreneurs.- Author Unknown Thanks for your time today Leanne Busby
Re: Find the Right Audience For Your Offer
11/4/2006 8:07:54 AM

Dear Leanne,

These are great tips - as a retail florist, author and Founder of a Virtual Women's Organization, I am always looking for effective advertising tips - and for most small businesses, advertising is often like throwing money in the wind and seeing how much comes back to you and how much flys away.

Unless it is a highly targeted publication, I have found advertising to be a big waste of time from a "get more business" perspective - however, it can enhance our brand - although most smaller businesses cannot afford to do a branding campaign it generally requires lots of money and the ROI is often less than 1%.

Here's an article I wrote on the subject:

How to Dramatically Improve Your  Advertising Effectiveness 

"In our advertising message we sell flowers, in our shop our arrangements 'second the customers' emotions"
 Heidi Richards 

If you are using ads that only provide information and maintain a corporate image, your advertising will not be effective. It's kind of like running in place - putting on your sneakers with nowhere to go. Ads like this can be a huge waste of money for the small business. Small businesses must instead use advertising that has a "call to action." Advertising that turns a prospect into a customer. This is known as Direct Response

Your primary goal in any advertising campaign should be to motivate the reader to respond, by using phrases and offers that suggest the reader run right over or contact you immediately.

What motivates you to purchase something from an advertisement? What about your customers, your employees, your friends? Find out what motivates them to purchase. Use it as your "call to action" in your advertising.

  Create a Sense of Urgency

Does your current advertising have a sense of urgency with such words as Call Now? In your print ads, is your telephone number and website address larger? Do you use bold numbers in your ad? Does your ad say "offer expires today" or "good through ___?" If not, adding these two simple things will make your advertisement more effective. Not telling the reader or listener to Buy Now before the price increases, is a waste of your advertising dollars. Basic motivators in your "Call to Action" are security, success, greed, fear, recognition or solutions to problems such as ways to save time, money or effort.

The following are words and phrases that motivate people to respond, to take action:

· Discounts - "Buy 12, get one free," or "10% off a purchase of $20 or more"

· Free one-hour consultation

· Free trial offer

· Free Gifts with purchase - such as "Stop in for a free Rose with purchase"

· Free 90-day subscription (No Risk)

· Guarantees - such as "100% money back" or "free replacement" no questions asked

· Special Assistance - such as a reminder program, which sends notices of special dates, last time purchased, etc.

A strong Call to Action, should at the very least, get a bigger response rate.  TEST different word combinations and offers until you find a "formula" for a successful advertising message.


©2006 - Heidi Richards is the author of The PMS Principles, Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business and 7 other books.  She is also the Founder & CEO of the WECAI Network  (pronounced wee-kī) – a network of virtual organizations that  “Helps Women Do Business on and off the WEB.” Basic Membership is FREE.  Ms. Richards can be reached at or 

Re: Find the Right Audience For Your Offer
11/6/2006 3:49:30 AM
Hello Heidi, Thanks for dropping by posting, I think we have all thrown away quite a bit of money on advertising. I find that 'word of mouth' to be the most effective advertising. Thanks Leanne Busby Discover how you can literally DOUBLE your sales and profits!
Re: Find the Right Audience For Your Offer
11/27/2006 10:25:53 PM

Hello, You might want to try , reverse ads..

You email the advertiser and ask how their business is.. They reply back good , bad or not so bad etc.. You reply " thank you for the information on your business. I am interested in helping you build your business... Then use your pitch in a warm way...

Usually will work and you can get great leads this way... Try it sometime..


See you at the Top....


Sincerely Yours for Success,

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