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Coming to INDY. See the extraordinary documentary sweeping America by storm. But...
4/1/2007 11:54:10 AM

It's a limited opportunity, so act NOW! There is no charge, but seating is
limited, and you must reserve a seat in order to enter the theater.

Who: Sponsored by the Indianapolis chapter of Freedom Force International
Contact: Alan McConnell, 317-264-0030 AFTF

WHEN: Thursday, April 19, 2007 7:00 PM

WHERE: Keystone Art Cinema & Indie Lounge
8702 Keystone Crossing, Theater #4, Indianapolis, IN


CANNES, FRANCE – Aaron Russo's incendiary political documentary - AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM, which exposes many of the governmental organizations and entities that have abridged the freedoms of US citizens - had its international premiere at Cannes and won a standing ovation. The event, which was held on the beach and filled to capacity, was open to the public and drew a crowd of people who stood along the boardwalk to watch the film.

Through interviews with US Congressmen, as well the former IRS Commissioner, former IRS and FBI agents, tax attorneys and authors, Russo proves conclusively that there is no law requiring citizens to pay a direct tax on their labor. His film connects the dots between money creation, federal income tax, voter fraud, the national identity card (which becomes law in May 2008) and the implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track citizens. Neither left nor right-wing in perspective, the film concludes that the US government is taking on the characteristics of a police state.

The international audience at Cannes as well as the European media has been fascinated by Russo's fiery diatribe against the direction America is
heading. The discussion that followed the preview lasted for thirty minutes.
Actor Nick Nolte, in Cannes for the premiere of OVER THE HEDGE, joined Russo during the premiere event. "The information in this film is something everybody has to know," said Nolte, who was the lead actor in TEACHERS, a film produced by Russo that also starred Morgan Freeman.

Russo, who is best known as the producer of feature films including THE ROSE with Bette Midler, and TRADING PLACES with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, wrote, produced, and directed the documentary.

"I am disgusted by the direction America was heading," says Russo. "I made this movie because I want to live in a free country and I want my kids and
grandkids to live in a free country. The American people must abandon the
myth that America is still the land of liberty that it once was."

Russo's documentary already has a tremendous grass root groundswell behind it. The film has previewed in over twenty-five cities with sold out theatres and standing ovations.

Your presence will assure a stimulating experience.


Re: OPEN FORUM Thread: The Beauty And Heart Stirring Of My Little Rural Area...
4/3/2007 10:09:57 AM
Hi Ellany, Thanks for the invite to your forum and a peek into your drop dead gorgeous sounding environment! You have quite a unique name! Vitae, Margot and Cathy might want to check out the art forums in Adland - go to 'people find' at the top of the page, type in 'Rose Enderud' and visit her forums. She has a whole gallery of arts/crafts links, etc. I live in Florida, on the West coast. Some call it the 'Left Coast' which suits me fine because I'm left handed LOL I'm about 3 blocks from the waters of Tampa Bay and about 5 miles from the Gulf beaches. We boast the best beach in the US here at Fort DeSoto Park, and I totally agree with that assessment! My 2 cats allow me to live with them in an apartment with a back yard where bouganvillea blooms almost constantly. Squirrels and mourning doves decorate the back yard every day while they're eating the treats I put out for them. You'd hardly know I live in a booming metropolis because the city is full of little neighborhoods like mine that enable a separation from the noise and busy-ness that every city has. I see all the usual wild southern critters; from opossums to armadillos and from seagulls to roseat spoonbills. And there's always the added bonus of the birds that migrate every year from NY and VA :-) You can read more about me in the 'About Me' page in my profile. As far as my online business ventures (or should I say 'adventures'!) please see my sig line. Have a good one!
E. Rayne

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Lorraine...Your Expressions And Positive Energy!
4/7/2007 4:17:53 PM

Thank you, Lorraine for your contribution to our Open Forum. Any Subject wich is motivating is welcome. I love VA too. Also WV.  I use to travel through each going from Louisiana to NY to visit Family.  There's a comfort feeling passing through and viewing the country side.

It has great land to raise milk goats, which I adore. Raised, milked and sold the babys in Louisiana.  The ground is too wet and soft where I live now for them. Lots of underground springs.

Come back and share some more goodies when you get the feeling to do so.

Abundant Blessings!
~} Ellany


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