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Rules for the Home Office
10/9/2006 9:20:31 PM
Hi Friends, What many of us have been doing for years – is now trendy! Working from home has become an attractive solution for many who want to create their own work life balance. Or, maybe it’s just common sense to work from a home office where your business is based. There are however traps for new players and tips you can take on to avoid these if working from home is for you. And it’s not for everyone! 1. Plan your day. Before you leave the office at the end of the day, make your “to do list” for the following day. This way you will start work the minute you get into the office. 2. Office hours. Have start and finish times and stick to them. Close your office door or pack up the kitchen table when you finish so that you can close off your mind from work. 3. Avoid distractions. Turn your fax machine ring and email “you’ve got mail” alarm down, so that you can only hear it when you are in the office. This will stop you just wanting to go in and have a peek when you have already finished for the day. 4. Knock. Ask your husband ,wife and kids to knock before they come into your office. It is your work space and there is nothing worse than being in the middle of writing an article to meet deadline and having a husband at the door asking for help and it will only take a minute! 5. Get organised. Your office is the hub of your business. Set it up for success. Make sure you have enough desk space and storage. And a filing cabinet. 6. Dress for the office. (opt in my case,do a lot in my pj' Dress the way you would if you were expecting others. What you wear can affect how you feel and this can then have a direct impact on your productivity. 7. Answering the phone. Answer your phone using a professional business greeting like Good morning this is Leanne speaking. You can’t always stop the rooster from crowing in the background, but you can set a positive image from the start of the call. 8. Learn to say no. Let others know your work times and when you get that phone call from a close friend who says “Can I call in for a quick cuppa on the way home from town tomorrow?” tell them it’s not suitable and suggest another time. Please tell your friends of this post,I would really really appreciate it!! Use this link It's a subject many of us need to work on as well. Thanks for your posts if your looking for more great tips emailed to you add your name and email address at my site unsubscribe any time! Thanks Leanne Busby Post a free ad!
Carla Carey

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Re: Rules for the Home Office
10/13/2006 4:17:56 PM

Hello Leanne,
That's very helpful and when I am employed full time at home I  will remember that!
Carla :)
Glad to make your acquaintance! Carla Carey

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