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Get inspired today! If you think you have it bad, look at this!!! Then get Maximum Health!!!
10/8/2006 3:01:03 PM  This father/son relationship says it ALL!!!!!! Whenever you feel down, watch this video so you can appreciate what you have in life and how you can make a difference!

Now, let's "Bring Wellness To The World"!!! A true belief level comes from a small sacrifice on your part! Can you part with $111.00 to Maximize your Health and help your family too! Does anyone in your family suffer from any of these health issues?

Audio Testimonials:
Need to hear more testimonials? Call 24/7 to 1-620-294-2704, options 2, then 1 and direct dial this number: 618-355-1135 (Dr. Burba). Science and all questions answered! This is the same site that I send to ALL health professionals as well like Chiropractors, Naturopaths, etc....  Look at the product section (OVER 80 products), the opportunity and you can signup online here too! This will be the same site you get for FREE and simply add your ID # where scubapro48 is!!!

Does the Vibe work? There is ONLY one way to find out, right? Did you know that a proven fact is this: 99% of ALL Americans are mineral deficient and that EVERY single illness is directly tied to this mineral deficiency? We all have an alternate of choice in life: Take charge of our health NOW or take a wait and see type attitude! Which person are you?

Cancer and Diabetes: Have you looked around lately at the alarming statistics out there? 50 years ago, 1 in every 10 people WILL get cancer! Today, 1 in every 2 people WILL get cancer!!! Children 50 years ago NEVER had diabetes, now look at them! This continues to be a major problem today and ONLY GETS WORSE! Why? Lack of nutrients in the soil = lack of nutrients in our foods = more and more people getting sick more often!

Obesity: The majority of ALL Americans are overweight! Why? People eat more to try and satisfy their bodily needs for nutrition!!! It is a triggered response, not just because they want to eat! Let's get on a mission here to change ALL of that! Obviously, we ALL want health care costs to drop, correct? If we have an opportunity to try Vibe, see the results ourselves, share this with as many people as we can, we WILL make a change!

Drugs: How many of you know this? We you aware that drugs ONLY treat symptoms and NOT the cause of the health problem? Not only that, but have you ever asked yourself why drugs have so many side effects? Answer: Since drugs are synthetic and NOT natural, your body is telling you this-I don't want this in me as I can't utilize it to help me get better, so I MUST rebel against you for putting this in me!!! Make sense?

Commitment: Don't you think that you owe it to yourself to see if Vibe is for real or not? I am not asking for you to commit to anything more than helping you and your family feel better every day, protect yourself from the onslaught of ALL these illnesses and diseases, be more productive every day = more done, and simply realize that maybe, just maybe there is a better way to live life! It matters not to me if you want to promote this to the world or not! If ALL you want to do is help your family and people that are close to you, so be it!!!

How to order: USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda! Those of you who are not in these countries, I do apologize for the Vibe not being available yet, but be patient as we continue to "Bring Wellness To The World" To order, simply call 1-866-999-9191, use my ID # 144770, press 6 for the "Bottle And A Box", setup auto ship (Smart Order) and make sure that (USA 48 states) you take advantage of the 2 day air special for $12 (normally $22) on your first order only! Here is what you will receive: 1 bottle of either Berry or Apple Vibe, 20-1 ounce sample packets, and here is what you will receive by October 15th FREE: Your signup if FREE, 5-1 ounce samples of Vibe, 20-1 ounce samples of Vibe Junior for children, 10-1 page glossy flyers, a FREE self replicating web site, a CD and DVD, and other company materials valued at over $50!!! 

"Bringing Wellness To the World" one person at a time! My Best! Tom Sparrow

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