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New Free Program a Roaring Success
10/6/2006 2:28:22 PM
Greetings everyone. By now, those of you who have joined Desktop Lightning know that it has become a roaring success. Even during the Beta stage, which I had the privilege of being a part of, the excitement and energy of this new phenomenon just kept boiling over, with people everywhere having a hard time NOT sending it out on forums and communities! (Some just couldn't contain themselves and did anyway!) LOL! Desktop Lightning launched today, at 9:00am Eastern. It's now absolutely exploding all over the internet. What IS Desktop Lightning? It's a brand new communications tool that BYPASSES email comletely, giving you a way to communicate with people who have joined YOUR list that guarantees they will see your message. They will most assuredly receive your message, without having it dumped in a junk mail bin by over zealous spam filters. How does it work? You simply download a small, safe, piece of software that sits as a small lightning bolt in the task bar on your computer. When you get a message, a small, unobtrusive notice pops up in the lower, left corner of your desktop. How well is our launch going? What do people think of Desktop Lightning? Just this morning, I received the following email from Victoria Winters from Desktop Lightning. She is excited! "Dave, "The Desktop Lightning public launch is now live! "All around the globe, for the first time ever people are just beginning to witness the marketing power Desktop Lightning possesses. "The air over here is electrified. "You are now authorized to do whatever you need to do (except send out spam, of course), to bring as many people as you can into your Desktop Lightning network. "Go grab your share of the online marketing community! "Even if you just get 3 people to sign up under you today, it's going to make a huge viral difference in your network for a long time to come. "Good luck! I'll let you know how the launch is going soon... "Victoria Winters Desktop Lightning "P.S. Your link to promote to people is: "You can find a lot of promotional material, including our recommended launch email, by clicking on "Build Your Network" from within the Desktop Lightning application. " This is going to be a phenomenal tool for all of us. God bless, Dave

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