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FREE CARD MATRIX-No Buying or Selling!
9/26/2006 11:23:55 PM

In the USA, there are currently 900 million credit cards in
circulation (not counting department store cards). This number will
increase by an additional 65 million cards in circulation next year
(roughly 8% growth a year).

Welcome to Free Card Matrix, your free chance to get a piece of this
mega-money global commerce industry. How you ask? How much will it
cost me? Well, it will not cost you a penny (That's right, FREE, no
buying, no selling) if you are a USA, Canada, UK, or Netherlands
resident. All you need to do is apply and get approved for a credit
card, and get other people to do the same, and then direct them to do
the same (and everyone repeat the process).

Credit Card Companies spend BILLIONS OF DOLLARS annually acquiring new
customers. Free Card Matrix is using this money to pay your
commissions, through 10 LEVELS DEEP!

We will offer you EVERY opportunity to get approved for a card. No
matter what your credit history is, we will have a product for you.
Even college students (18 years or older) can participate in this program.

You may be saying, "I already have a credit card (or more than one),
why do I need another one?" Well, the simple answer is, in order to
participate with Free Card Matrix, you need to apply and get approved
for one of our cards. The cards we offer are from the top credit card
issuers in the world, and they will offer you competitive rates and
low APR balance transfer options. Trust me; you'll be happy you choose
our card (see below).

Future Benefits for our Associates (Cardholders)

Free Card Matrix is offering this Program with a long term financial
strategy which is one of the reasons we are willing to pass along such
generous commissions up front. As we acquire millions of cardholders,
we will aggregate the consumer power to negotiate many additional card
benefits and cash commissions for the benefit of our members.

Your success is our goal!
Beth Schmillen

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Re: FREE CARD MATRIX-No Buying or Selling!
11/1/2006 3:04:37 AM
Hi Jenni Thanks for your post -- Beth

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