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Promote here for free
9/25/2006 7:29:38 AM
Sorry the server was down before thats why the link didn't work, here is the link and so forth again.. Present your business to our members via text or voice chat base for only $24.00 a month for gold members, special still available. Promote your business every second Wednesday to other members in the iC Business Mart business lobby. Even Free Members can participate in this event. It is provided for you to get the feel for our environment. Please do not underestimate the power of these events. They are of great value to you as presenters. Get a 30 day free gold trial to create your own room in this conference environment... Questions let me know!! Or for the website let me know!! Or if you have debates for elections or anything, let me know as well!! if u want to promote or to discuss your interests.
Want to try avon or even want to try my lovely items i sell, which i sell over 3000 items... Then let me know. Your independent avon rep and much more here. Contact Elizabeth Carnegie for details!!

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