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You DO have recourse, you know, when you're scammed.
9/23/2006 10:08:17 AM
Hi there, Adland Friends!

Online scams and particularly the identity theft solution is my favorite topic.

If you live in America, doing business with an American company and you get scammed, you don't have to just hang your head and take it, you know.

I know you've heard this before, and I'm going to tell you again, if you are a Pre-Paid Legal member, you can call your law firm and let them handle the matter for you.

I've been a member for close to 3 years now and I wouldn't dare let any online company, or anyone else for that matter, take advantage of me because I don't have to. 

What are you complaining about when you have recourse & can fight back? 

But of course, you can't fight back and win every time... or ever... if you don't have Pre-Paid Legal power & muscle out in front of you.  Plain & simple.

I hear so many uninformed people complain or balk at the services offered through Pre-Paid - it's usually broke people who feel 0.87 cents a day for the services plus FULL identity theft coverage is a lot of money -(get real!)  It's always the poorest (or those stuck in a "poor" mindset) that lose out on the greatest advantages in life.  That's sad.
PPL is a tremendous advantage for any smart person, poor or not.

I really feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have that advantage or protection because I KNOW FOR A FACT they are getting ripped off and mistreated and are doing nothing but griping to their friends & family about it. 

Truly, when you think about how much money people throw in the trash online and just spend it on junk every single day, it's just plain dumb not to redirect 0.87 cents a day towards something that truly matters.

The first thing I do when considering doing business with any online company is seek out their policy statement for their businesss name & address.  Besides explaining my complaint, it's the first information I need to give to my law firm when I have a complaint.  I let them handle it from there.

I know whether my issue is a $2 one or a $2,000 one, fraud or whatever, I can take it to my law firm with no shame and they will go to work for me & get my $2 or $2000 back.

People ask all the time what an 0.87 cents a day lawyer or law firm is like and what do they do?
The answer is they are just like a $500 an hour law firm/lawyer - in fact, they are the same except they don't charge Pre-Paid Legal members the high fees they do every one else and they have higher quality of service standards they MUST adhere to as set forth in their contract with the PPL corporation. 

Not every law firm in the U.S. is part of the PPL network, so don't go running to your local attorney asking for the PPL fee.  You'll get laughed out (or thrown out) of the office.

You have to become a member first here .

If you need extra money to afford 0.87 cents a day,
check this out & this.

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