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Have You Lost Your Focus?
8/16/2006 7:25:19 PM
Hello Friends, It seems very quiet online and when it's quiet we sometimes get a little slack I know I do,this is a great article to get you fired back up! * * * It's easy to do, isn't it? We get distracted. Something captures our interest and diverts our attention away from our chosen objective. We suffer setbacks. Things don't work out as planned. Someone lets us down. Circumstances change and good plans go bad. We get interrupted. An important matter takes precedence--sometimes for long periods of time. We, or members of our team, get sick or hurt. We don't have the energy we had before and often find it slow to get back in the game. These things happen to everyone. And we have to be careful we don't think we're being singled out. The "Why is this happening to me?" question gets us nowhere. We must first recognize that we've lost focus. And at the earliest opportuníty, we must recommit. We have to get back on the horse we fell off from and ride again. And this is what separates the winners from the losers. The loser says it's too hard. He says it's not worth the effort. He thinks it's just "not in the cards" and he quits. But the winner doesn't take the setback personally. She dusts herself off and recommits to the plan. She sees the setback as just that--a setback--not a sign that it's not to be. What do YOU need to refocus upon? Is it a positive habit? A goal? A toleration you said you'd eliminate? Revisit your reasons why. Focus on the results you will produce and not on what's not worked well. Because what you focus on expands. Today's a new day. The past is just as historic as if it had happened a thousand years ago. You can't change what's happened or not happened. But you CAN recommit. You CAN refocus. You can start anew. So do it today. Remember the power of TNT--Today, Not Tomorrow. by Michael Angier ----- Thanks for your visit Leanne Busby
Kathy Hamilton

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Re: Have You Lost Your Focus?
8/16/2006 7:40:46 PM
Hello LeAnne, A Winner always has a Plan. A Looser always has an excuse. A Winner says "Let me do it for you". A Looser says "Thats not my job". A Winner see's an answer for any problem. A looser see" two sand traps near every green. A Winner say's "It may be difficult but it is possible A Looser says "it may be possible but it is too difficult. Tcs Net is full of winners!!! Maintain a Winning Attitude ! RISK MORE THAN OTHERS THINK IS SAFE. CARE MORE THAN OTHERS THINK IS WISE DREAM MORE THAN OTHERS THINK IS PRACTICAL EXCPECT MORE THAN OTHERS THINK IS POSSIBLE!!!! MR. JACK SUNSHINE
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Re: Have You Lost Your Focus?
8/16/2006 7:56:27 PM
I haven't lost my focus but I have lost some spunk and it's to hot in oklahoma for TNT LOL
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Re: Have You Lost Your Focus?
8/16/2006 9:55:25 PM


Thanks Leanne,

Much Needed Advice For Us 'NetMarketers, who don't have a BOSS To Drive Us Everyday.

Thanks For Caring and Sharing,


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