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Rose Enderud

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Getting your images or photos posted
8/7/2006 8:56:42 PM
Hello Everyone,
Several people have asked for help posting thier artwork.
This thread is for helpful information. I wrote one response in the artshow. I have copied it here.

Getting your images stored where you can use them requires some equipment. I used both a digital camera and a scanner.

When setting up your pictures for the digital camera they need to be as straight as possible. Upload your pictures from the camera to your computer. I used a numbering systerm for my Images R001, R002, etc. Then I have a notebook where they are named.

Once you have your images on your computer you can use the software that came with your camera or your scanner to trim and size you pictures. Excess needs to be trimmed from the photographs. My artwork varies from 5x7 to 18x20 but my images on the computer are only stored in two sizes. I experimented untill I found a size I liked for portrat(vertical) and landscape (horizontal) layouts. 

You can resize and decrease pixals here.

I played with it a little as it has been a long time since I went on line to do this and I had to find you a site. I went to 40% and did not see a change in picture quality.

Now, your pictures are the size you want. They are stored on your computer.
I use my web site to store my images on line. You really need some web space. Upload your pictures. When you get them on line, right click on a picture. Click on Properties. Copy the location of the picture.

In your post click on the Insert image button. It looks like mountains and the sun. A grey box pops up. Paste the address of you picture. Make sure you do not get two http://   as it is already there. Click O.K.

Your image should appear in your post.

This did not work for me in the setup for the forum.  I had to delete my original post and add a new thread after the forum was listed. The software in the forum setup seem to need to catch up to the rest of the new stuff.

This is great, being able to show my work. I hope this helps the rest of you.

Cristy Egbert offered this information in one of her posts.

Dave try Photo Bucket. they host photos, and video clips.  They are free.  I just upload my photo onto the sight and the copy and past if where ever I want it.


(this is a clip of my future artist at work)

(click to enlarge and view video clip)


Ana Maria Padurean Has a forum "Pics in the posts! How do you do that"

She offers help on how to do pictures also.

If you have more info, othersites that you use, or can simplify the process please post.

I have just discovered Yahoo Flickr. It looks like a good place to store a few images. It also is another place to produce a slide show.

Thank you

Mary Hannan

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Re: Getting you images or photos posted
8/7/2006 9:22:16 PM
Hello Rose,
Thanks for the post.
Re: Getting you images or photos posted
8/8/2006 9:54:07 AM

Hi Rose

There are a few free file hosting companys on the web

like it gives you 150 mb of space and 10gb  of bandwidht; here you can actually create a website.  500 mb of space and unlimited bandwidth good for pictures ext. jpg, gif, movies ext. mpg, avi, wmv, mp3 and so on.

They generate the link code for you. very helpful if you new to that sort of thing! (He, I know sound a bit taggy.) You don,t have to register just a strait forwart upload to there  server. Will stay there for 30 day if no one uploads the file. Free for 300 mb per file. Pro(meaning you pay for it) 2000 mb.

There lots more out there. Well, even yahoo has a service like that.


In my experience Photoshop is the ultimate tool for pictures not only resizing,you can in the menu  "Save it for Web" and cut down a lot of mb. with out loosing quality, well, visible quality. Also Photoshop has some Filters and plugins witch "can" improfe onto your pic's (I say can because you also can mess your pic up with them)and if you have some bugs extra there are some great plugins/filter to buy like: alf border fx, eye candy 400, KPT6 (one of my favorites), mystical from autoFX sofware(the whole dreamsuitefrom them is fantastic) Intelihance pro 4.0 (a really helpfull tool for digital pic's)

But hey that just me. I'm working with Bryce Poser and PhotoshopCS a lot  since I'm not much of a painter. There are a lot of freeware programs around

check out this site here:

2d and 3d software mostly free

     Be careful with scanners they can really mess up you pic's.  If you have a digital camera download your pic's direct.

Good Luck to all of you

Create! What ever you do, a painting, a sculpture it does't matter.

What matter's is the act of creation.




Jenny SJ

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Re: Getting you images or photos posted
8/8/2006 10:48:17 AM
Hi Rose,

You have started an excellent forum topic here.  Uploading your own work can be a problem if you dont have your own website - the directions given here will help a lot of people.

Thanks for the resize link too.  A useful little programme.

Personally I am a comitted fan of Photoshop - but it is an expensive programme and probably only worth the money if you have a lot of use for it.  I use it to produce the photos for my web page - from Digital Camera to Web.  It gives me a lot of freedom to manage my own site, even though it was designed by a professional.  I have a Smart Programme to access my site and can make all my photographic changes my self.  It is greate.  The minute my new angels and nativities are painted, they can be on my site within half an hour of taking the photo.

Here's one I made for my Spotlight here at Adland and uploaded onto my site with a private link.

And one last comment. A thousand thanks for putting your forum and your Artwork forum  in the Hobbies and Crafts section, where it is "on topic" and can be found by anyone interested in this area.  It makes life easier for anyone new or not in Adland who is looking.

I wish more people shared your logic!


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