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Helping Newbies and Network Beginners pt 2
7/13/2006 7:36:33 AM
Hello Friends Confused about the terminology on the web,here's a few more explinations of some of the common terms used! Part 2. *Hit Each instance in which a server sends a file to a browser.Hits are used to measure traffic to your site. *Valid Hits Number of hits that deliver all the information to a user not including error messages and redirects. *Pop-up An Advertisement that appears in a window while you are veiwing a website. *Link An electronic connection between two or more websites! *Opt-in email List of Internet users who have VOLINTARILY signed up to receive commercial mail about topics of interest *Double Opt-in List of Internet usres who have signed up and confirmed their address. (please correct me if I'm wrong here) *Domain Name The unique name of an Internet site! If you want to be noticed you really need your own site; .com (commercial) .edu (education) .net (network operation) .gov (government) .mil (military) .org (organisation) .biz (business) Additional two letter domains specify country .au (australia) .us (united states of america) .uk (united kingdom) .sp (spain) etc......... *Visits A sequence of requests made by one user at a time. *Cookie A computer code sentby the website to your computer,usually without your knowledge,(unless you have cookies blocked) During the time that you are at that site it is collecting information about you and your interaction. Including where you visit,how long you stay there and how frequently you return to certain pages and even your electronic address. I'm sure there's plenty more I could add..put out a CHALLENGE for our Pofessionals out there.. add a few that I haven't put here and help everyone. Lets see how many more we can get!! Thanks Leanne Busby Part one if you missed it
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Re : Helping Newbies and Network Beginners pt 2
7/13/2006 2:20:36 PM

Hi Leanne,

This is helpful.  Sure wish I had seen this a year ago.

url and html were hard for me to learn. I do not know the difference and what the letters stand for. 

I think double opt means that a person signs up for a program, the sign up is acknowledged, and then the person signing up has to go into the program and confirm that they are taking the program.

Thus it is double-sign up and then confirm.

Re : Helping Newbies and Network Beginners pt 2
7/13/2006 7:44:52 PM
Hi Mary, So glad you visited here's a definition for you URL - abbreviation uniform (or universal) resource locator, the address of a World Wide Web page. HTML - noun Computing Hypertext Mark-up Language. Just to add confusion XHTML is the next version of HTML. Thanks for taking the time to post Mary! Leanne Busby Discover how you can literally DOUBLE your sales and profits!

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