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Helping Newbies and Network Beginners
7/13/2006 7:33:55 AM
Hello Friends Confused about the terminology on the web,here's a few explinations of some of the common terms used! Part 1. * Ad-clicks Number of times a users click on ad-banner. *Ad-click rate Often refered to as 'click through' the percentageof ad veiws that result in a click. *Ad view (impressions) Number of times an ad banner is downloaded(and presumably) seen by veiwers *Page views Number of times a user requests a page that contains a particular ad; used to indicate the number of times an ad is potentially seen or "gross impressions" *Banner An ad on a webpage that may be 'hot-linked' to the advertisers site. *Button An advertisement smaller than a banner.Sometimes refered to as tiles *CPC 'Cost per Click' a marketing formular used to price ad banners. Some advertisers pay on the basis of the number of clicks specified ad banners gets. *CPM 'Cost per thousand' same as above but a lot more..ha ha *Rich Media Advanced technology used in Internet ads, such as streaming video, which allows interest and special effects. *Unique Users The Number of different individuals who visit a site within a specific time period eg,per day,per week,per month. There are so many I had to break it in 2 parts! Part 2 next! Leanne Busby

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