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7/7/2006 6:49:49 PM


I'd like to share a couple of shocking stories with you that could have life changing impact on your personal and financial future forever!


Pauline is seventy-two years old and living on Social Security. She is very careful with her money and only buys the necessities of life. She's a sweet lady who would never harm a soul.

Recently her children pooled their money and bought Pauline a computer.  Her son hooked it up in her sewing room and showed her how to send email. The kids loved getting emails from Grandma and it brought a lot of joy to an otherwise lonely life. No one even imagined that THE ENEMY was lurking, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

It started while Pauline was reading a letter from her twelve year old granddaughter. Pauline had just finished the letter and was about to reply when that familiar "ding" sounded announcing a new email had arrived. Thinking it might be from seven year old Tommy, Pauline looked at her inbox.

It wasn't from Tommy.

The return address on the email was the name of the bank where Pauline had done business for many years. The subject just said "Important information about your account".  Pauline double-clicked the letter to open it for reading.

What she read was so exciting she almost called her son to tell him the good news! Her bank informed her that because of her preferred customer status they were prepared to offer her a special new account. Not only would she earn three times as much interest, but her bank would also pay for her grocery purchases for an ENTIRE YEAR!!

As she continued reading, the letter went on to say that all she had to do to claim the benefits of this new account was log in to her Online Banking service and confirm her account information. At the bottom of the letter was a link that said "Click Here".

When Pauline clicked the link a web page opened bearing the familiar logo and name of her bank. A form on the page asked for her account number, her check card number, security code and PIN number.  It also asked for her full name, address, driver's license and Social Security numbers "to verify that it was really her".

Pauline hurriedly filled out the form, providing all of the information they requested and clicked the Submit button. A new page opened that said "Congratulations! Your new account is being created. A representative of the bank will be contacting you in seven days to explain how to claim your weekly grocery benefit!"

After a week had passed, since she had not received a call from the bank, Pauline decided to drop by her neighborhood branch.

What she learned was absolutely devastating. Not only was their no "new account" and free groceries, but her account had been emptied and was actually overdrawn $500 because of the bank's no-bounce checking feature. A series of ACH drafts and online money transfers had wiped out her balance. Pauline was penniless.

Over the next several months Pauline lived  the nightmare of Identity Theft. Her credit rating was ruined. Bill collectors were calling daily to hound her for payment for things she never purchased. THE ENEMY had hit her like a terrorist attack. Her entire life was turned upside down. This sweet, kind and gentle woman had been transformed into a withdrawn, frightened, and injured person whose faith in the goodness of others was destroyed.


Andrew had just been promoted to Advertising Sales Manager at the radio station where he worked. He was moving up fast. His most recent Performance Review praised him. He had broken ALL company records for new Account Executives.

Andrew's income was growing rapidly. His wife, Julie, was carrying their first child and this promotion would give them the income they needed to move into a new home with more room for the newcomer.

Life was sweet. But THE ENEMY was lurking.

It was almost dark when Andrew returned to the station to type up his sales report for the day. The staff was all gone except for the DJ. Andrew sat down at his desk and checked his email. There was a letter from one of his customers in his inbox.

When Andrew opened the letter he noticed that there was an attachment. The message simply said, "Here's the documentation you requested." The file name on the attachment was "document.exe".

Andrew paused for a moment. His boss was always warning them about the danger of opening email attachments. Perhaps he should wait. But, no, surely this one was okay since it was from a customer. Besides, his computer had anti-virus software.

Andrew double-clicked the attachment and waited for the document to open. It seemed to be taking a long time, so Andrew stepped to the water fountain. When he came back there was still no document on his screen, but instead a message window that said. "We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again later. Click OK to close this window."

He closed the window and doubled-clicked the icon to open his Sales Report program.  But instead of seeing his Sales Report program on the screen, another window opened that said, "The file you requested does not exist in the folder you entered. Please be sure that you are spelling it correctly and that your computer is connected to the local network.

Andrew quickly guessed that there was something wrong with his computer. He stepped to the next desk to use the computer there. But he noticed that the screen, normally showing a bright screen-saver, was a black screen with a single line of white text:

 Boot sector not found.

The DJ in the control room watched through the sound-proof glass window as Andrew hurried from desk to desk looking for a working computer. There was not one! Andrew returned to his computer which was now displaying the same message:

 Boot sector not found.

Andrew dialed the number of the system administrator, Carlos. He described what had happened.

After checking the system Carlos reported to the station's General Manager that the company's entire database had been destroyed. Every computer on the local network was wiped clean, along with the main file server. They had been talking about the need to make backups, but hadn't yet done them.

The next morning the front page of the newspaper announced a new virus that had just been discovered yesterday. Norton and McAfee were hurrying to get it into their virus definition update and expected to do so within 24 hours.

The paper did not mention the local radio station that had to spend $26,000 for an out-of-state data recovery service to fly in and, six days later, get them back in business. It also did not mention the promising young Sales Manager who was fired for causing the loss.

Chalk up another one for THE ENEMY.

THE ENEMY - Who is he???

THE ENEMY is a guy in Nigeria who sends you an email explaining that he has 27 Million US dollars that he is willing to share with you if you'll allow him to transfer the money to your bank account to prevent his government from taking it from him.

THE ENEMY is a woman in Florida who offers to sell you prescription medicine at unbelievable prices through a website with a funny-sounding address. They accept credit cards.

THE ENEMY is a young, smart computer programmer whose hobby is writing special programs that can be emailed to you and when you open them they send copies of themselves, the programs, to everyone in your address book. Then they wait silently for a certain calendar date. When the date arrives they wipe out your hard drive

THE ENEMY is a company that offers you FREE Smiley Faces for your Instant Messenger or FREE Screen Savers or FREE programs to increase your computer's speed. Then when you download the FREE stuff you also get, unknown to you, a program that reports back to the company the address of every web page you visit on the Internet.

THE ENEMY is thousands of small-time hucksters that send out hundreds of millions of emails every day hawking potions to enlarge body parts, offering to lower your mortgage rate, peddling fake college degrees, promoting illegal cable TV boxes and pirated satellite TV service and promising to make you beautiful, rich, young and healthy.

THE ENEMY is a systems engineer who has figured out how to intercept and read your personal email. He also intercepts important and sensitive email from companies as a highly paid corporate spy.

THE ENEMY is the guy who promotes porn websites in email that your children can open and read.

THE ENEMY is everywhere. If you think you are immune, think again. If you use email you are playing with a time-bomb. It isn't a matter of IF you will be exploited. It is only a matter of WHEN.


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The NewNetMail Team

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7/7/2006 10:04:07 PM
Hi Susan, Thank you for sharing this information in the forum. Although, the majority of us are aware of the dangers we face today on the internet a lot do not and we appreciate you sharing these events. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Good luck and succes with NewNetMail.

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