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Special! Big Dogs Traffic Prelaunch Only $24 a year! Don't Be Afraid of the Dog!
7/6/2006 11:51:38 PM

The MLM Opportunity Provided by
Big Dogs Traffic is Simply Brilliant!
Plus more perks to come next week and the number of people that can join in prelaunch is limited so get in quick!
>> Forced Matrix System
>> Only 3 Positions Wide
>> Break Even with 3 Active Members on Level 1
>> High Potential for Spillover
>> Paid to 9 Levels/Generations
>> Instant Commissions Paid via egold
>> Multiple Purchases and Positions Available
>> Potential Income Over US$123,585.- per Position
>> Ground Floor Opportunity - Pre-Launch
>> Continuous Development of Systems and Products
>> Product Genre in Growth Industry
>> 24/7 Access to Members Area
>> Professional Management Team
>>Plus you advertise other biz opss with banners and text ads for free!
$23.00 From Each Sale is Paid Out in Commissions
That's Well Over 90%
3 x 9 Matrix Commission Table
Level Max Members Payment  Per Level Earning Potential Accumulated Earnings Potential
1 3 $8- $24- $24-
2 9 $1- $9- $33-
3 27 $1- $27- $60
4 81 $1- $81 $141-
5 243 $1- $243 $384-
6 729 $1- $729- $1113-
7 2187 $2- $4374- $5487-
8 6561 $3- $19,683 $25,170-
9 19683 $5- $98,415- $123,585
Totals 29523 $23- $123,585 $123,585
Each Matrix Position has the Potential to earn US$123,585.- per year. Once you build your matrix, you are securing your future as each year, members will need to renew their advertising accounts to retain their matrix position/s.

Big Dogs Traffic is Preparing for Launch in September 2006

Pre Launch and Beyond - Page 4 After the Official Launch The complete system will be released on the 18th of September 2006 including a range of new websites that are part of the Big Dogs Traffic Network. For Advertisers... Well priced quality advertising solutions for all types of Internet Businesses from the self starter Affiliate Marketer to corporate entities. A Wide variety of solutions across a network of specialty web sites offer endless advertising opportunities. Once launched Advertisers can choose from A complete range of solutions including Sponsored Text Links, Rotational Banners, innovative PPC Search Engine Listings, Directory Listings, PR Blog Blasts and News Blasts. For Visitors... A network of quality web sites for all types of Internet users of diverse background, interests and beliefs. From Politics, news, general interest to all forms of entertainment. The Big Dogs Traffic Network of websites are set to become frequently visited and respected by many new visitors from all over the world. For Affiliates... High commissions, incentives, bonuses and the revolutionary Profit Share System are combined to provide the highest level of commissions for all active Affiliates. Big Dogs Traffic is designed with the Affiliate's desires, needs and requirements the first priority. Big Dogs Traffic... A Global Business Opportunity


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