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Please Pray for my Nephew, Matt
7/6/2006 3:33:18 AM
Hello everyone, Please pray for my nephew, Matt, and his friend, Sean. Matt, 19, is a champion mountain bike racer. He and his friend were riding their bikes along the highway, today, as many people do - it's a popular area for bike tours and riding - when they were hit by a car and seriously injured. Both were airlifted from the scene to the city. Matt's friend went through the windshield of the car, and has a concussion. He was listed originally as in serious condition, but has sinced been released to be monitored locally. Matt is in the hospital with a seriously broken leg, and a broken collarbone. The large bone in his leg is broken in half, and the smaller bone is shattered. Please pray that God will give both young men the healing they need. God bless, Dave

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