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These 2 guys make some pretty big bonus checks. Find out how they do it.
7/6/2006 12:59:12 AM
I am still in the 60MinuteMoney Home Based Business but I think I have been going at it the wrong way. I have found these 2 fellows that are using a system that they have developed that works with almost any program and makes them a huge residual income on the net. The reason I hooked up with them and stayed is because I belong to one of the programs involved. The one where they said they were getting the bonus checks from. I went to the admin area and I saw their bonus checks. Some were in the 1000's just for one week of referring. I am going to run with this for a while and if you want to read through their website, My home based business is even listed there as one of the programs that they have helped out. This Is An Update From My Last Email: I joined about a month ago and I have had an average of 1 signup a day. And, here is my other website where I have all my advertising tools on one page. Please bookmark it as one visit will not be enough... Thanks for reading and if you need anything at all, please get in contact with me. Sincerely, Thomas Hay -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- email: web:
This pays me everytime I am due and I have never paid a penny here. Email me at
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Re :These 2 guys make some pretty big bonus checks. Find out how they do it.
7/7/2006 11:31:14 PM
Hi Thomas, Thank you for the information. I have bookmarked the page to review tomorrow and have your sponsor #2545 should I decide to sign up. It doesn't give you much information but I suspect that will be explained once signed up. I do have one question; will I get a website like your gocpov and is that what the Pay-It-Forward 4 Profits is about? Let me know. Thanks.

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