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Ebay Identity Theft - New Spoof letters
6/7/2006 4:11:13 AM
Hi everyone, This looked like the most appropriate forum to post this in ... I'd just like to warn anyone who is using Ebay about new types of spoof emails going around with the intent of stealing identities. It happened to me this week. The email looks just like another ebayer's identity and requests whether your item is still for sale, or not. When you click on the link to check out the member identity, or the product involved, your ID and password is, somehow, overidden and changed, locking you out of your account. Shortly afterwards, you may get another spoof email from Paypal asking you to update your ebay toolbar. Luckily I didn't do this because I didn't know which toolbar they were talking about, having not downloaded it. It seems that the spoofers are getting ever more clever, so please be careful. In my case, no real damage was done but it could be serious for someone else out there. Thanks and I hope it helps someone. Have a great day Venerina

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