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AMT- Chronical 6 - Mothers day Edition
5/16/2006 5:55:36 PM
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Re: AMT- Chronical 6 - Mothers day Edition
5/16/2006 8:35:52 PM
Hi Lee Anne, As usual, very informative. I even visited a forum you recommended. Somehow, I had missed it. I will always visit your newletter. It is always possible to get something each time. By the way can you explain the word "Aussie". One of those things I just have to know, but no body else really cares.
Re: AMT- Chronical 6 - Mothers day Edition
5/16/2006 10:40:03 PM
Hi Mary Thanks for posting, I have never really thought of Explaining what an Aussie is. In simple terms it's an Australian shortened to Aussie. But to me an 'Aussie' is someone who lives in Australia,by Australian rules and law.They are patriotic to australian affairs.Have the freedoms and peace that we enjoy,loyalty and respect for each other. To give you an Idea of what an Aussie is all about. Larry (cyclone)crossed the coast a Category Five storm—the strongest on the intensity scale—with winds of up to 180 miles an hour (290 kilometers an hour). The tempest tore the roofs off buildings and left about 120,000 people without power. Within a day hundreds of police and defense force personnel had been sent to northern Queensland to help with cleanup efforts. Food, water, generators, tarpaulins, and fuel are already being rushed to the areas from other states. The Australian Defense Force has sent a six-person medical team to the area as well as a fleet of aircraft as part of Operation Larry Assist. Prime Minister John Howard was quick to point out the preparation done ahead of Larry's arrival and the speed with which Australia's emergency response teams swung into action. "Australians are very good at responding to these things, because everybody pitches in without restraint and without any kind of holding back to help,'' Howard said. (one of three cyclones that hit Australia in just a few weeks) Now I know that this was no way in comparrison to the Florida(US)Disaster but the government were very slow in their help and Most Americans couldn't care less! The Florida residents are only just starting to return to find that they have no home,no land and no future ....This would not happen in Australia. Aussie's help Aussie's it goes way back to the first world war and EARLIER. If any Aussie's like to add to this feel free to do so.. Sorry to be so long winded, Thanks Leanne Busby

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