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New video technologies from your TV !!
5/3/2006 7:32:44 PM
hello A very secret meeting will be taking place in Las Vegas this Friday. Several of us on the Team will be attending the meeting to meet with the owners of the company that is launching the new video community on June 1st. We'll even get to test the new products out for the next few weeks. When we return from Las Vegas on the 10th of May, we'll be sending you a VERY special email. You will not want to miss this email because it will be the official kick off of BeSeenCafe. We will be starting DAILY conference calls where you can learn about this incredible business first-hand. Right now you are "in the know" before millions of other people. Right now you have the opportunity to get your BeSeenCafe website out to everyone you know - before they find out about it. Video is exploding on the internet - and what the company we are associated with will be launching will get the attention of every website owner and every individual that uses email in the World. And folks... this is only the beginning. In January 2007, you will be able to hook up a new "box" that is launching and access all of these new video technologies from your TV! Oh yes, even videos on iPods. And yes... videos on cell phones... So what can you do now? Jump initially!!! Do everything you can to get your BeSeenCafe website out there. Advertise in newspapers. Email all of your friends. Advertise online. You've seen all of the BS and hype that other companies and people do... We're only looking to work with serious people who want to change their lives for the better and help others do the same. This is BIG business. We take this business very seriously. Salutations Mr.B.Midoun

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