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One Million Leads + 20,000 Daily Leads
4/20/2006 2:52:40 PM
first off, leads work, tested, lets get that out of the way This is long but bare with me, read it carefully , love'll love it One Note: You can join the Feeder only or the Direct site, but my deal for the One mIllion is explained Have you heard of I powerdirect. They are a company that specializes in such things as getting your website up on front page of google,msn,yahoo. They are specialists in SEO and adwords and google adsense. 12 Year Old Company. 800,000 members on all these sites. So, about a week ago, A top marketer, called me and told me he had a controller position in this, and offered me the leads, he actually offered me the 20,000 daily leads, but i have no mailer that i could use to send to 20,000 daily. ALTHOUGH I DO NOW FOR 35.00/MTH !! Jerry , really mainly wanted me in at the top promoting this with him, but i am huge in other things. So he got back to me with this deal after i said they were useless to me and no time. I power has launched this 20,000 daily leads feeder and a 25.00 forced matrix and they wanted me somehow marketing it for them, but i am just too busy So Jerry came back with this deal exclusive to me and who i introduce, this helps them build these 2 new sites, helps us build theirs as well or whatever we want but we stay in these 2 programs as we continually use the leads., they are loved , we are loved, all this lovin goin on !! All happy people For 125.00 you get to send to One Million Leads - less than 30 days old, a mixture, of questionaired,surveyed,etc, all double optin, you cannot get accused of spam .i get to use their mailer, handles up to 5 million per send with complete stats, how many opened, delivered,hit your autoresponder etc. So, i said to Jerry... Now you got yourself a deal my friend I offer 125.00 to send to One million leads. 79.00 , for every million after that in that particular month. You pay like this. 25.00 into their 3 x 8 new forced matrix ( with an EXTRA 100,000 leads ), another 20.00 into the Feeder Direct program ( no matrix ) just 20,000 daily leads ON TOP of the million ( 700,000 more ) We then send them the remaining 79.00 ( 125.00 total ), we get One Million leads designated exclusively to us. I can send up to 2000 words, i can send in 100,000, or 50,000 etc, once all one million are done. 79.00 to reuse the one million leads or i can ask for a new one million leads, and the people who optin are my contacts and i take them with me. Since you use lead capture pages, if you have none , i can help you there as well. so not only do you get One mIlion leads, you also get as a bonus , entry into their 3 x 8 Forced Matrix ( where i earn every time someone takes this deal in the matrix as well ) ,I enter the Feeder Direct with 20,000 daily leads and i get 10.00 PER MONTH on paypal subscription from everyone who joins the feeder which is required as part of this deal at 20.00 per month and get One Million leads to send to, plus an extra 700,000 i can send separately , the 20,000 are emailed to you daily in an attacmnet. Part autoresponder leads and surveyed leads and in separate packets in the attachment. Clearly marked. It gets better, as you offer the same deal, you'll send two links with this explanation , 25.00 and 20.00 then 79.00 and you get all the above. 125.00 total so for 125.00 you actually get 1,700,000 double optin leads, their system gives you the ability to send to the one million. For another 35.00 i can set you up with a separate responder to send to the 700,000 Pretty crazy isn't it. IF YOU FIND A BETTER DEAL THAT THAT. i'll join 500 times, because in 5 years i have never seen anything like this just the feeder leads, come daily and their are 5000 to 10,000 surveyed leads in that.AT 2 CENTS EACH ( going rate up to as much as 3.00 each ) X 10,000 = 200.00 off the 20,000 daily leads, i get 100 to 150 optin to my autoresponder daily. for 20.00 per month - 240.00 a year to hold a 36,000 member contact list. wanr better success call the surveyed leads or even better give them to your downlines free. I am, they are lovin me more !! do you know what that is worth !!! directions. Join main forced matrix program at 25.00 per month this is the deal, we join, help them by joining and get the deal we are building the above forced matrix each time WE SEND ANY AD FOR ANY PROGRAM we include it in the ad we send out to these globs of emails. I am selling this big time. Everyone is happy and getting signups and optins daily. Now join the Feeder , it says 10,000 daily on site, they are giving my team 20,000 so i promote this to program owners and big marketers i know. ATTENTION EVERYONE: YOU CAN JUST JOIN THIS IF YOU WISH , AND GO WITH THE 35.00 RESPONDER Once you join both, i will be notified , i then contact them, deal is set up for you immediately and your in business. Once you join both, they will activate a link in your back office that directs you to pay the 79.00 remaining, and it sets it up for you. You pay the remaining 79.00 upon your first send of the leads, do not pay till your ready to send an ad.. You can send to whatever quantity you like. There is a box that asks you: how many headline ad: under 2000 words Once you start recieving all the daily leads and bonus 100,000 in your forced matrix 25.00 upon joining . ask me for the link for the autoresponder for those extra 700,000 Thanks for read that one, it was long , but fully explained Tom Broadbent Ambassador - Freelife International Diamond Elite - Bizbuzz Public Gold - American Eagle Gold Coins 519-672-6465

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