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🚨 Time is RunningOut to Transform Your Coaching Practice! Woman-Centered Coach
4/16/2024 3:33:37 PM

Time is RunningOut to Transform Your Coaching Practice! [LAST CALL] Woman-Centered Coaching Masterclass...

This is the LAST and final call to join Dr. Claire Zammit’s 6-Week Woman-Centered Coaching Masterclass Training!

In just 6 weeks of training, you’ll discover the step-by-step solution to elevating the results you create with women, which can alter the entire trajectory of your career and business — and there’s nowhere else in the world you can learn how to do this in the deep, rapid way that Claire teaches it.


Get Dr. Zammit’s Woman-Centered Coaching Training to Unlock Extraordinary Results with Women & Elevate Your Income, Renewals, Referrals, Impact & Success

Claire has created the flagship training that every coach, therapist, practitioner, workshop leader, or ANYONE who works with women needs to unlock extraordinary results for women, who make up 70% of the clients in the industry.

The core Woman-Centered Coaching Masterclass training, valued at over $20,000, includes:

● 5 Training Modules in the core principles of the Woman-Centered Coaching method that you can instantly apply in your existing work.

● Coaching Scripts & Demonstrations to rapidly develop the 7 super-skills that unlock extraordinary results with women including: Power Partnerships, Amplification, Resourcing, Sponsorship, Pattern Detection, Breakthrough Storytelling & Designing Growth Pathways.

LAST CHANCE! Join the Woman-Centered Coaching Masterclass by Midnight!

Plus, you’ll get an exclusive bonus package valued at over $5,000, which includes:

● LIVE Breakthrough Coaching and Q&A with Claire – Witness and receive Woman-Centered Coaching in action, and get the support to apply your weekly learnings and elevate your results.

● Break Through YOUR Inner Glass Ceiling Workshop – Be personally guided by Claire to release the barriers holding you back from your own next level of impact, visibility, and success.

● The Woman-Centered Marketing Breakthrough Kit – Use Claire’s training and templates to get your first (or next!) 10 Ideal Clients, including The “Elevate Your Rates” Offer Creation System, and her very best Enrollment Script.

● A Ticket to Claire’s EMPOWERING WOMEN LIVE! 3-DAY LIVE Immersion training – Experience the magic of Woman-Centered Coaching LIVE, and learn how to create a Woman-Centered Career that includes one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops, and more!

Don’t miss your chance to become one of the few coaches in the world who gets rapid, deep results with women, and see your practice thrive in new ways!

Remember, this is the only time Claire has offered this level of training outside of her 5-figure certification programs — I encourage you not to miss this opportunity.



Woman Centered Coaching. Unlock Rapid & Lasting Results for Your Female Clients. Become a Leading Expert in Your Field with Woman-Centered Coaching. If you’re a coach, practitioner, helping or healing professional, consultant, or someone who works directly with women, an incredible opportunity you cannot afford to miss! Unleash your coaching potential with this proven method.

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